Understanding and committing to a skincare routine can seem way too hard and confusing for some. What products go where? How often? What happens if you over-do or under-do a step? What’s more important in my skin routine? Where do specific tools, like sheet masks or rollers, come into the equation?

If you haven’t yet had a consultation with one of Museo’s skin specialists, never fear! We have the 7 essential steps every skincare routine needs for you here which forms a great base for those looking to refresh, revamp or simply START with a skincare routine. These are the basics for a strong routine and truly the best place to start getting your skin looking its best.

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If you already have the basics covered and you’re ready to take things up a notch, come speak to the team at Museo – our Skin Specialists can guide you towards a more elevated homecare regime that is specifically designed for those looking to achieve more significant results.


TOP TIP – skincare doesn’t JUST mean your face. Make sure you apply these products to your neck, décolletage and even the back of your hands as these are all areas that also age in the same kind of way as your face, and you don’t want a luminous gorgeous face with sun spotted hands and a reddened pigmented décolletage.


Ok! Let’s get started. Here are your 7 essential steps every skincare routine needs:



Once in the morning and TWICE at night, EVERY DAY.

The second round of cleansing is needed at night to ensure that the last residue of any makeup you’ve been wearing during the day is removed. The first time you cleanse, you’re really only swishing the cleanser to break up the makeup and you cannot remove entirely with one cleanse. The second cleanse guarantees a thorough cleanse of remaining make-up, dirt and impurities – so make sure you don’t skip it to ensure your skin is clean and ready for the next step. And PLEASE ditch the makeup wipes – they’re full of chemicals and leave a residue on your skin. They have their place if you use an organic face wipe to quickly remove mascara or make-up prior to a gym workout and also good afterward if a shower is a while away to remove the sweat. Use a warm flannel, shammy or cleansing brush to remove the cleanser once you have properly worked it into your skin and thank us later.



You’re going to want to exfoliate 3 times a week

You can choose to use either a physical exfoliator or an enzyme exfoliator. A physical exfoliator is the more traditional style, with a bit of grit in it to help polish away dead skin cells – but avoid anything with plastic microbeads in it, as they have been proven to be terrible for you. Instead, try something with a more natural exfoliant. Our O Cosmedics Exfoliating Cleanser is a great choice, empowered with not one but four physical exfoliating beads (cranberry seeds, jojoba beads, diatomaceous earth and LexFeel 200- a 100% natural, readily biodegradable, sustainable emollient). The skin is left super hydrated, radiant and awakened.


Your other option is an enzyme exfoliant, which essentially creates a chemical reaction on your skin to slough away those dead skin cells. Products with a little lactic acid in them are exceptionally popular, and these are great to apply at the start of your shower and then to leave on for 3-5 minutes to allow them to do their magic.

Exfoliation is one of the most crucial steps in your routine and one we often see clients getting wrong. You HAVE to remove those redundant surface skin cells to reveal the healthier, new skin underneath. This is the step that moves your skin from a thickened, aging hide into a fresher looking, more refined, youthful-glow-type skin. The serums and moisturisers you apply can penetrate the skin more thoroughly when that surface level is gone, and it stops your skin from becoming congested and dull-looking. This is probably our FAVOURITE step in our 7 essential steps every skincare routine needs because it gives the most dramatic results INSTANTLY.


If you’re keen to know more and want to get more out of your exfoliation, then shoot us through an email one of our team will send you our guide – “Getting the most out of Exfoliating with our advanced ingredient options”. Your skin will be glad you did!


Make sure you apply those corrective serums morning and night, every day.

In the morning, think about your serum as a defense mechanism to protect your skin from environmental damage (and it should include an antioxidant) and at night you want to enhance and heal those sparkly new cells. Here’s a huge range of Serums available from Museo. 



Apply the RIGHT KIND of moisturizer morning and night.

Choose something light and wearable during the day and thick and rich for your overnight hydration.
Remember! Makeup works best and sits much nicer on the skin if your skin is well hydrated and well exfoliated – so for perfect photos, make sure to do both regularly. Choose from day creams and night creams online.



Apply every day, preferably at night.

Eye cream is absolutely necessary to ensure you hydrate the sensitive skin around the eyes and minimize the beginning of fine lines. The earlier you start with eye creams, the later the wrinkles appear – but it’s never too late to start. For those with aging skins, wrinkles, and bags around the eyes, there are specific creams with powerful active ingredients designed to plumpen and refresh this area, giving you a more youthful result. This is absolutely one of our favourite products.


Choose something specifically for your personal skin concerns, and apply 1-2 times a week

If you’ve ever given a skincare routine a go and haven’t quite seen the results you wanted, THIS may be the missing link. With a higher amount of active and targeted ingredients in most face masks, you can significantly reduce breakouts or give your skin an extra boost of hydration which seriously shows in your skin. Sleep-in masks are very popular and perfect to slap on and flop into bed within a minute.



PLEASE apply sunscreen every day, even when it’s cloudy out or you don’t think you will leave the house

This is an ABSOLUTE MUST for everyone. Sunscreen protects your skin from UV rays, which did you know is the single highest factor contributing to aging? Watch out for the sun, protect your skin and it will reward you for years to come.



If you haven’t been doing the right thing by your skin, there is no better time to start than now. Book a zoom consultation with any of our Skin Specialists to choose the right products for you, or shop our amazing range of skin care products online.