Balayage is one of the most talked-about colour trends in the hairdressing industry and one of the most popular colour services that we offer our clients at Hair by Museo in the hip suburb of Mount Lawley, Perth. Balayage is a technique of applying colour to the hair in a free-hand, painterly way that allows the colour to blend more naturally into your base colour. By using multiple tones of similar or contrasting colours on the hair, applying lighter tones around the face and darker tones at the roots and on the underside of the hair, for example, you create really strong movement and texture in your colour, resulting in fabulous on trend colour!


The technique was originally developed in the 1970’s in France, but was recently regenerated  by celebrity stylist Guy Tang and it has absolutely spread like wildfire around the world. No more flat, one dimensional colours – instead tonal and multidimensional tones are all the rage and are being worn by celebrities like Beyoncé and Rhianna .

Ombre colour, showing a transition from dark to true blonde.

Balayage colour, with multiple tones blended into a beautiful overall colour. Work by Hair by Museo.


Many people mistake balayage for an ombre technique, which is a significant mistake. Ombre is where your colour fades from one to the other from root to ends of your hair, giving it a gradient tonal look. It is often seen with bright colours, where you go from a rich pink (Mahogany) to pastel pink at the ends for example, or from brunette roots to true blonde ends. With Ombre, regrowth is very visible and the colour itself can be quite difficult to maintain between appointments.



Balayage, however, is more about the technique of colour application, and truly is an art form. Balayage can be used with any hair colour, whether you’re a blonde, brunette, a redhead or even greys, as it describes the colour application, not the colour itself. Highlights, lowlights and mid tones are placed strategically across the head. It creates beautiful multi-dimensional hair that is very easy to live with because it is not such a stark change as your colour starts to grow or fade out. It can even be a great way to grow out your platinum blonde, for instance, and bring it to a more up-to-date or natural shade, as balayage blends different blonde tones both into your roots and into your existing blonde.


Getting good balayage colour in Perth can be difficult, so we do recommend doing your research before launching into salons and asking for this popular hair trend. The team at Hair by Museo in Mount Lawley have done extensive training in Balayage and have been applying this style of colour for a few years now, giving us the know how and expertise to transform and update our client’s colour. Book into the Hair by Museo online for a beautiful balayage colour or call the salon at any time on 08 9371 2299. We even offer a complimentary colour consultation with our specialist colourists to discuss which colour technique suits your needs and how we can achieve the best results with your hair, no matter how well or badly it may have been treated previously. So don’t live with flat, one-dimensional hair any longer – visit Hair by Museo and get your balayage look today!