Winter is a tough time on your skin. Winds whipping around your face or ankles, dry conditions that leave you feeling a bit scaly and just the general cold taking its effect on your skin – we are all feeling the effect of the change in seasons on our epidermis.


Yes, we may have things a bit better off in Australia than most European countries when it comes to extremes of weather – but trips to the snow, scalding hot showers, wind and indoor heating cannot be ignored. So here are our top tips on refreshing your winter skin from the décolleté’ down…


  1. Scrub

First things first, cut your losses and run. Any surface skin cells that are feeling the strain need to go, to expose beautiful fresh skin below. A good quality scrub is perfect at this time of year, as Winter is generally a time of rejuvenation – and it’s no different in your body. A sea salt scrub to redeposit minerals will leave you feeling silky smooth, while a scrub made from oats or psyllium husk can be soothing for dry, tired skin.


  1. Treat

Whether it is a massage for your body infused with a gentle exfoliation, or a body wrap to enrich and refresh your skin – choose a treatment that is designed to restore and rejuvenate. Look for essential oils that can be blended with oils for massage or a body wrap, or ingredients sure to hydrate – milk or mud are both beautiful in this treatment.

  1. Soak

Take a relaxing soak in water infused with essential oils. Not only will it make you feel calm and warmed by the water, but the essential oils are revitalising and enriching your skin with their restorative properties – a fabulous treat after your scrub. At this time of year in particular, it’s important that you don’t have the water too hot or you will scald yourself and stress your winter skin out further – so go for warm, and not too hot in your soak or shower.


  1. Moisturise

It’s important that you don’t expose your beautiful fresh skin created through your scrub and soak to the elements without protection. A thick moisturiser will trap in the essential oils you have put into your soak while refreshing your skin and giving you that silky smooth feeling. Morning and evening moisturising for your whole body is ideal at this time of year, and being that it is a bit chillier, you aren’t left with that sticky feeling you can get with moisturising in summer. Leave your skin feeling recharged, refreshed and ready to take on whatever the weather throws at us next.


If you’re feeling the effects of Winter on your skin and want to change things, feel refreshed and rejuvenated, Museo Skin + Spa want to help you achieve your best winter skin. Our Winter Warmers package combines the best of our Day Spa treatments along with your favourite scents and options to create a completely custom day in spa for you, designed to restore, revitalise and refresh your skin. You can learn more about our Winter Warmers package here, or book in for your treatment online.