Winter is always a time for growth and renewal. We spoke about why this is so when it comes to our skin on this blog here. But it’s also true for our hair. Whether that means cutting in a fringe that looks cute under beanies or colouring our hair darker for the cooler months, change is inevitable in Winter.

This year, the team at Museo have been helping to ring in some amazing changes in our client’s hair. We are cutting off split ends, going for the big chop and changing length significantly, bringing in beautiful natural tones and installing heavenly heads of extensions. But why are we all so set on changing our hair in winter?


Winter is naturally a time for renewal in our bodies, and this is a very natural process. This means we stay inside more; we tend to eat in more and we typically do more self-care. The cooler temperatures encourage us to stay inside and that gives our hair and skin a break from the harsh UV rays and the whip of the wind. With the cooler temperatures in full effect, long, thick locks are de regur which explains why we see more people wanting to get extensions installed. Some of our clients see significantly more hair growth during winter, and more hair fall as your hair takes this opportunity to renew and refresh.



Particularly in Australia, winter falls in the middle of the year. Long gone are the bright lights of New Year’s Eve, and so most people start to feel a little stagnant come winter as things just roll on with the status quo. They say change is as good as a holiday, and a change in hair colour or length can be a great way to shift your thinking out of the winter funk, leaving you feeling fresh and ready to tackle the second half of the year.



It’s true that hair is ruled by fashion, and at no time of the year is this truer than winter. All the dark greys you see in clothing pair perfectly with darker locks. Beanies and fringes are a match made in heaven. Long hair falls perfectly over a scarf – it’s all about the look right! As the fashions of the season change, we see that those same fashions apply to the hair our clients are asking for, and we are more than happy to supply them with gorgeous locks to keep them ahead of the curve.

If you’re ready to tackle your Winter hair makeover, Museo are here to help. Whether it’s a deep conditioning treatment, going the big chop, a seasonal fringe or a full head of extensions to give you the hair of your dreams, Museo can help you achieve your hair goals. Simply book in online and let’s get your locks looking lovely this winter.