With summer having officially ended and the cooler months coming slowly but surely, we can bet that your skin and hair is absolutely starting to feel it. The changing of seasons is always a difficult time for both your skin and hair, no matter where on the calendar you’re talking about. Year after year, we just seem to put up with the changes, and know that as we adjust to the seasons, this too shall pass.


But no more. The team from Museo Skin + Spa + Hair are here to help you with your seasonal breakdown with the best tips for skin and hair to keep you looking your fresh best as we move into winter…


  1. Deal with damage as it happens

    When we start to head from summer into winter, the first thing that usually goes is your skin as cold winds start to ruddy those cheeks and having been in climate-controlled environments for most of summer starts to take its toll. Similarly, for your hair, after 3 months of sun and salt, your locks might be starting to feel a little lack-lustre by the time autumn rolls around. The second you start to notice a chance in the texture of either your skin or hair, start to act. Don’t wait for things to get worse or just choose to ride out the seasons, take action now and get yourself back on track!

  2. Check your skincare

    The change of seasons is as good a time as any to make sure that your skin care routine is still on point. During winter, we spend more time inside and surrounded by air-conditioning which can dry out your skin – so focus on intensive night moisturisers to replenish what is being taken out each day. Here at Museo, we recommend all our clients get a little of the Pevonia Vitaminic Serum in their bathroom cabinet. Our whole team use it on their skins, especially through the winter months.

    It’s also important to note that in Summer you often only need a light moisturiser and for those with oilier skin, move towards using a lighter serum, applied in the mornings only with your sunscreen (an absolute must!) applied over the top. You can then use a richer moisturiser at night to replenish while you sleep.

  3. Get your IPL Appointments booked!

    One of the major benefits of the seasons shifting is for those who are looking to get our brand-new IPL Service for hair removal or photo rejuvenation. For those interested in getting IPL for hair removal, it’s important to wait until the end of the summer months as you can’t expose areas that have been treated (like your legs) to sunshine as it may cause damage. For those looking to get IPL for photo rejuvenation, the summer sun exposes the pigment variations that you are looking to correct with this treatment, and so the end of summer offers a great chance for your skin specialist to identify the zones that most need treatment while your skin is at its most pigmented.

    Now is the perfect time to book a series of IPL appointments, so please check out the website for our offers and payment plans!

  4. Use a Mask

    Make sure you use a nourishing deep conditioning mask to inject moisture back into your dry and dehydrated locks. Aside from that, invest in a hydrating leave-in conditioner to help your hair recover from the summer heat and cope with the winds and heating of winter.

  5. Change your colour

    There’s a reason that everyone changes their hair colour, lipsticks and even brow tones as the seasons change – it’s because your colouring changes. We have less of a tan on our face, without that sun exposure, our blondes are less bright and therefore many of our makeup products change. Now is the time to transition to a richer, deeper colour for autumn and winter for your hair, to perfectly compliment the plums, burgundies and darker tones that look incredible with winter fashion.

  6. See your stylist – pronto!

    Whether it’s a resurfacing treatment for your skin or a deep conditioning treatment for your hair, one of the most effective ways to make change is to consult your stylist at Museo Skin + Spa + Hair. They will be able to recommend the right treatment products for you, as well as the right hair colours to suit your winter skin tone and beautiful rich moisturisers to take you from one season to another. Let the team from Museo Skin + Spa + Hair look after you as the seasons change and make sure you’re always looking your best going forward. Book online with Museo here.