Around Mother’s Day, we are all reminded of the incredible contributions these women make to our lives. Mothers are the pillars of the family, always holding everyone else up, often pushed to exhaustion on a daily basis trying to do it all. That’s not to say mums begrudge the work, but often they need to give themselves permission to celebrate themselves.

Women and mothers, in particular, need to remember and acknowledge themselves, the work they do and the need to do a little something just for themselves.

That is what Museo is for, and one of our favourite things to do. We relax you, treat you, give you time and space to yourself, build you back up and repair you.


The aesthetic benefit is only a small part for some of our visitors – often it’s about the feeling of relaxation, the joy of free time and the space of being alone that can be found on the table. It can be so luxurious to just leave your worries, family and anxiety behind and focus on you for just a while.


Sometimes, women just need to stop and be looked after. The team at Museo Skin and Spa love to spoil women and our team always connect with the women who walk through our doors. We have all been there, needing the space and time to just be. Every woman is justified in wanting to feel better and look better – and it’s fine to want that moment for yourself. To stop for a moment, feel normal or even feminine with some time and treatment. It’s such a test to look in the mirror and see your brows done and your roots looking fresh – and we are someone who is worth doing that for.


For those of you who are working and running a family, we salute you. You have it especially hard, and we know that sometimes all you need is some time out for yourself. Having worked with and empathised with you hard working ladies for years, we know that your time out has to be scheduled, made part of your routine. We know a spontaneous massage will just never quite happen. We always recommend if you need a little treat if you find yourself run down and out of space for yourself, that you book a massage, a facial or a manicure in advance and book them regularly. Make it part of your routine, actively choose to dedicate the time to yourself. By doing this, you force time for yourself, leaving you with more patience, more appreciation and a little more relaxation, which you can then pour back into your family or job.


By looking after yourself, we promise it will flow on to your family or your job, not detract from it. We promise that with every appointment you have with Museo you will leave the salon feeling more relaxed, more beautiful and more like yourself – just by giving yourself the gift of time.


For Mother’s Day 2017, we are treating you to an indulgent afternoon in the spa with Museo. Click the link here to read more about our amazing treatment special for Mother’s Day.


With add-ons to customise this spa treatment to your liking, take some time out of your busy schedule to rest, relax and recuperate, giving you the time you need to really dedicate to yourself. We hope to see you in the salon soon because you absolutely are worth it.