There comes a time in everyone’s life, where the decision needs to be made – continue to colour your hair, fighting the good fight against grey hair, or succumb and transition to grey gracefully. For those customers currently tossing up the decision, we have some good advice and some hard truths on what it actually means to go grey.

Grey hair has seen a rise in popularity from a fashion standpoint in the past 5 years. Whether it’s a grey balayage, as we have showcased a few times or celebrities like Meryl Streep and Jamie Lee Curtis paving the way for going grey younger and younger. It means that the stigma of having grey hair has been lessened, and no longer is it exclusive to your mother or grandmother, or women “over a certain age”. Anyone can go grey if they want, and more often we are seeing younger and younger women wanting an icy edge to their locks.


It’s important to note that grey hairs have a completely different chemical makeup to coloured hair strands, and this is part of what causes so much grief in attempting to cover them. Colour doesn’t adhere as well to these rogue strands, and because “grey hairs” are actually white, they stand out shockingly as the roots grow out against dark or rich colours. This means more salon appointments trying to keep the greys at bay – and often this becomes the catalyst for change.



The best way of going grey gracefully is to go blonde. It might sound counter-intuitive, but hear us out. What we are actually suggesting is the removal of existing pigment from your hair through bleaching – unfortunately, there’s no way around that one – to take as many of your hairs as possible towards a lighter colour, allowing greys to blend in seamlessly as the hair grows out. This can take a couple of bleaching treatments whether it is a full head application or foils to get you to the right lightness, and it is a bit of a journey, as often the hair will go through stages before we can achieve the desired finished result. The bleached hair is then toned from a warm blonde to an ashy blonde, allowing grey hairs to perfectly blend into the light grey or almost white colour of the rest of your hair.


It is incredibly important to remember your hair care when you’re doing drastic colour makeovers like this. Deep conditioning treatments and Goldwell Bond Pro added to the bleaching process will ensure that your hair doesn’t become damaged from repeated bleach treatments. Our team of stylists can recommend some great take-home products to ensure that your hair is protected and nourished between appointments and can help manage the damage.


If you’re interested in going grey gracefully, Museo Skin + Spa + Hair would love to help you achieve a gorgeous colour with minimal damage to your hair. Our team of expert stylists can recommend a treatment approach for you that could involve a few appointments to lighten the hair, potentially some root shadowing to blend and the right conditioning treatment for your hair to ensure that the integrity and quality of your hair is maintained through this big change. Whether your hair is long or short, grey can be a beautiful, classic colour that gives you a sense of freedom! So don’t cling to colour any more, let’s go grey! Book your appointment online here.