We have spent the past 3 months calling all of our clients to share the news, but now we want to make the announcement completely public.

As of, June 30th, 2021, we are no longer offering beauty services under the Museo brand.

Our decision to part ways now was due to our family commitments and our personal dreams and aspirations for the next few years. I feel to do something well I have to give a 100% dedication, so it feels right to stop now when you still love everything that you do, and you do it with a full heart.

We want to be remembered for the quality service we offered in a beautiful space that truly made the ‘Museo Experience’.

We wish to thank each and every one of you for your kind words around our change of direction over the past few months.

During July, we will also offer recommendations for a new day spa, if that is something you would like. Depending on the kinds of treatments you love, we can recommend you to some of our Museo favourites for those particular treatments. All you have to do is email us at museohome@westnet.com.au and we can get you into a beautiful day spa that we know will take care of you in the absolute best way.

This isn’t a sad goodbye. It’s like when your best friend moves overseas for a while – you’re so thrilled that she’s doing this wonderful thing and excited for the journey she is on, but you’re going to miss her all the same.

In the last week, we have finalised where our new space will be for the Collective. Don’t worry it is close, with easy parking, but what’s great is it includes a gorgeous space for a Beauty Room. We will be offering this space within The Collective,  as part of the new business, which Helen and Claudia after a couple of months off will be looking at joining so, maybe it’s goodbye for now, but certainly not forever…


Introducing Museo Hair Collective

The Museo Hair collective is comprised of Adam Michetti and Melanie Sheratt who have worked together for the past 7 years. They are supported and backed up by the ever impressive Serena, our talented apprentice, to form the Museo Hair Collective.

Whilst we will be moving the salon sometime in the future, the Museo Hair Collective will continue to operate out of 690 Beaufort Street Mt Lawley. We promise you will know when we move and we will be personally calling you to let you know.


Our thanks

Thanks to our beautiful therapists Claudia, Helen, and Misty. They put their heart and soul into each day and for each client. We know you will miss them and think of them fondly. We might be able to entice them out of retirement to join the collective, you never know ….. watch this space

On a personal note, I have been blessed to work with many beautiful people over these past 22 years but none more so than these 3 lovely humans, and Adam, and I have truly enjoyed working alongside you and thankful for the laughs and fun times we’ve all had together.

Thank you to our gorgeous English Rose Beth who has worked for us this past year on reception. Forever part of our lives, we thank you for your time with us …

Our right-hand person, jack of all trades, manager, and office manager, Brooke we thank you. This is not goodbye as your work is never done as we know, but without you, Museo doesn’t operate. You are the extra amigo with Adam and I, and we thank you for being a part of our lives these last 10 years.

I would also like to say a massive thank you to all the previous Therapists, Hairdressers, Managers, Trainers Receptionists, and Office Administrators we’ve employed over the past 22 years. With a staff at times of over 37, it was successful with the help of great people who collectively helped us co-ordinate, manage and train our staff so that they could create a beautiful world of escapism and service for our clients to enjoy.

To you our clients who loved our Beauty Space – a warm thank you. For 22 years I walked through our doors happy to offer a luxe service across skin and spa and probably more important the opportunity of a positive workplace for us all to contribute within and form life long friendships with not only each other but also within our Museo community.

Lastly, I thank my loving husband Adam. We have had a working life together right from the beginning, spanning over 25 years.  Our business evolved, decisions and directions were always done as a team, whilst raising our children and always loving each other. Thank you babe for always being there and for your care and love. It is always strong, visible and honest.

Wendy x