We know the benefits of eating an organic diet – no nasty chemicals in your gut, no nasty chemicals destroying the soil and natural ecosystems – but why don’t we automatically apply this same thinking to our skincare?

Applying synthetic products to your skin, loaded with chemicals and preservatives, contributes to ageing – even if the products claim to have anti-aging properties, the damage that the chemicals and preservatives will do to your skin will ultimately outweigh any of the good they might do.

Key ingredients like antioxidants, flavonoids, different acids etc. found in botanicals like flowers, fruit and vegetables offer both protective and restorative qualities for your skin. They will protect you from UV damage, help plump and freshen the skin as well as helping with reducing the looks of fine lines and wrinkles– and all these ingredients are completely natural, no chemicals or preservatives needed.

By choosing Certified Organic products, you are committing yourself to wellness. To an idea that natural and less processed is best, and this flows from the foods you eat to the products you use on your skin. By choosing Certified Organic you are protecting your skin for the future, and helping to protect the planet for the future generations – our children and grandchildren. It’s a commitment to the long game, and to true health and wellness.

We understand that Certified Organic products are often more expensive as they are generally made in smaller batches, shorter runs and have a shorter shelf life. That’s all good news for your skin because you will have the benefit of beautiful fresh creams, serums and masks that haven’t been sitting in a huge warehouse for years before they are applied to your skin. What’s not to love there!

The reality is that if we all do our part in purchasing Certified Organic products, whether that is in your food or your skincare, the organic industry will grow and prices will become more competitive. We look forward to the day when Certified Organic Skincare is just Skincare again and we do away with chemicals and preservatives in these products altogether.

You can purchase the beautiful Certified Organic Divine Company range, which offers a wide range of body and facial products, at Museo Skin + Spa. You can even indulge in treatments that are made up of completely Certified Organic products, including our Divine Facials and Aromatherapy Massage.