Why use IPL for Hair Removal?

There’s no time like winter to remind you that body hair really is a pain in the butt. In summer, we tend to keep on top of things like shaving our legs or armpits or bikini lines because we have to – but in winter, with pants, leggings and stockings all the rage, it can be really easy to just let it grow out for the colder months. And that can be a scary thing to wake up to.


Luckily, Winter is the perfect time to take advantage of great IPL for Hair Removal offers at Museo. We spoke last week about the incredible ways that IPL can be used for Photo Rejuvenation (or creating beautiful skin), but IPL as a treatment is probably more famous for its application in hair removal.


For permanent hair removal, a light pulse is applied to the skin, whether that’s on your bikini line, legs, underarms or face, and the light is absorbed into the dark pigment of the hair – much like how sunlight is more readily absorbed into black clothes in summer. The energy from the light pigment is ultimately translated into the follicle and causes damage to the follicle, with the aim of destroying the hair root and reducing hair growth.


Winter is the perfect time to have IPL for Hair Removal treatments because, as with IPL for Photo Rejuvenation, the treatments do affect to the skin, making it highly susceptible to UV light and damage from the sun – and in Winter, we don’t tend to see as much of that. Aftercare is incredibly important in IPL for Hair Removal, and the team at Museo Skin + Spa + Hair can offer you some great products to ensure that your skin heals and to ensure that you are protected from UV damage during this sensitive time. Similarly to IPL for Photo Rejuvenation, IPL for Hair Removal requires a few treatments spaced a few weeks apart for most effective results – and that means that between winter and summer you have enough time to get your treatments done and have silky smooth legs beside the pool come December!


Compared to waxing or shaving for the rest of your life (groan), IPL is an incredibly cost-effective treatment that delivers significant results. Unlike at-home IPL for Hair Removal treatment options, those offered in salon are both more targeted and more powerfully, delivered and administered by experts in a controlled clinic environment. This ensures that the treatment is delivered exactly where you want it to be and that it is done correctly.


Museo Skin + Spa + Hair are offering IPL for Hair Removal to our clients in our beautiful Spa space and with some amazing offers available to you today. Read more about our IPL Offering here.