Kick start your new year by looking at ALL aspects of your health.


2018 was a great year. The Museo Skin Clinic, Spa and Hair Salon has flourished, and we are looking forward to another amazing year in 2019 at Museo. This year is going to bring some great excitement and some amazing changes, so watch this space…


We have loved having a full year being altogether in the one abode – okay, sometimes working with my husband in the same building can be testing! Our clients, however, have loved the ease of it – especially being a one-stop-shop and for those that sometimes don’t necessarily plan too much but spontaneously enjoy a massage on the spot, and a haircut after their facial has been grabbed by many.


It’s our 20-year anniversary this November which is A M A Z I N G so 2019 is going to be a big year, full of excitement and celebration.


We all had a great year working together and I truly love working alongside these fantastic women + 2 boys each day. We all work so hard to bring you the best Museo experience – your time for you – and seeing it’s our 20-year anniversary, it’s nice to reflect on the fantastic bunch of people we have on board. We’ve had wonderful staff over the past 2 decades and some who we will have lifelong friendships with, and they know who they are… But I have a pretty special work life these days with the calibre of women I work alongside each day. I feel very lucky.


So, it’s a new year and time to start to make more solid promises to myself of how I wish to be this year. Like many other women with careers, business and school-aged children, life is full – too full at times and I tend to take a backseat or delay to action those things that will benefit me the most in regard to my health and wellbeing.


I’m getting older (I know I’m still young to some) but with an immune disorder (I swear it was from being so sick in pregnancy) and a lovely genetic thing I’ve inherited – I have to prioritize my health. Watching my weight, maintaining my fitness and eating well, takes thought, organization, mindfulness and dedication… easy to write but a lot harder to action and maintain.


So 2019 is the year some of the above has to stick and become a way of life. And that applies to Museo as well.


Skin health is my passion and taking time out for yourself is my mantra and so we are introducing lots of great things this year for our amazing clients to action and embrace in their own wellness routine.


You’ll notice our new spa menu has more of a health focus, so please ask at your next visit what’s on offer with our seasonal plates and tea offerings.


Gut health is so vital to our overall wellbeing and to support that, we are introducing a fantastic range of teas, green powders and skin nutrition supplements to help clear skin conditions and help build better gut health and overall better health. I personally have started the new year with my daily dose of clean tea and nutritional antioxidant superfood powder and I’m enjoying clean eating and a good exercise routine.


We look forward to offering you a clean tea next time you’re in at Museo and you can peruse our new Miss Vitality health range. You will know by now that anything we bring in has been tried and tested for some time and we only promote products that we genuinely love and believe in.


We will be offering some amazing Spa, Skin + Health offers which we are very excited to bring you and would love your thoughts on. Does the idea of some pre-treatment stretching really appeal to you? Would you love to attend regular yoga classes at Museo?


We want to commit in 2019 to helping you achieve your best self through more than just great skin and fabulous hair – we want to take a more wholistic approach and we are excited to go on that journey with you. Dedicating time to yourself is a decision you will never regret – and just maybe, it will make 2019 your best year ever.