Men’s Skincare Treatments in Perth


We talk a lot about skin care around these parts, but usually in the frame of women and the skin issues that women face. But it’s not just the ladies who need to look after their skin – particularly as we age, often it’s men who need an extra helping hand with their skin, having been a bit more lax in their skincare regime between the ages of 0 and 40.


Men’s skincare treatments aren’t just for the metro in our life who wants to look younger than he is on his birth certificate. Great skin is something everyone wants to achieve, but for men we use different treatments to target the specific issues that they face – dryness from shaving implements, more sun damage from not wearing sunscreen (ever) and excess production of sebum (oily skin) in the T Zone particularly. Most importantly there are fundamental, biological differences in the skin on men and women, brought about due to different hormone balances in our bodies. In general, men’s skin is tougher and thicker, brought on by testosterone, while women’s skin remains sensitive and tender through their life. Men have larger and more hair follicles


The Museo Men’s Prescription Facial

If your husband is complaining about looking old or his skin sagging, this is a great way to get him to do something about it that doesn’t cost the earth and won’t take too much time. Before any treatment, we share our specialist diagnosis and an honest appraisal of the condition of your skin, so you know exactly what we are working on. We cleanse, exfoliate and steam before adding some fantastic products tailored to their skin. We finish with a mask to promote a deep level of relaxation and to really revitalise the skin. BONUS you can upgrade to add booster extracts that will intensely target skin concerns and ensure your skin stays better for longer.

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Dermal Peels

Dermal peels can be a great treatment for men to make serious change to their skin. They work deep in the skin to encourage the production of new, fresh and bright skin cells and can be tailored to each persons’ requirements. We use enzyme peels for entry level peeling and work up to dermal peels depending on the skin concerns. They help to reduce pore size, battle with sebum and replenish fine lines and wrinkles – so these really are a great go to if you’re fellow is hesitant about the idea of moisturisers and masks.

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Time to step it up a notch here. If you’re serious about shifting that adult acne, getting rid of that weird patch of redness you get on your nose and cheeks or just want to make sure that your skin is looking it’s best, IPL for Photo Rejuvenation is the way to go. IPL Helps reduce the appearance of pigmentation by targeting the pigment in the skin and ablating it as well as clearing vascular and reddened skins. As well IPL stimulates the production of collagen, giving your skin a fresh, smooth and toned look.

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As women, we know that skincare is important to ensure that you don’t look like you’ve been through the wringer for the rest of your life. Men, however, need a little encouragement. If your partner is complaining about his skin or spending too much time pinching, poking and prodding in the mirror, let Museo take the worry away. We are offering the ‘No Tie for This Guy’ Offer throughout September, which includes a custom-designed facial specifically for male skin – a mix of microdermabrasion and an entry enzyme peel combined with a 30 minute back and neck massage for 80 minutes of pure relaxation and skin kick start. BONUS, you can score A FREE Custom Facial Voucher for yourself when you purchase a ‘No Tie for This Guy’ offer. Shop online here and ensure that your man’s skin looks its best.