Designed to revive and nourish you from head to toe…

Designed to include all our favourite skin and body elements this package is for those needing to treat themselves kindly and to have the world stop for a period of time. 

Begin your experience in Museo Day Spa with a luxurious foot soak in our relaxation lounge accompanied by a wellness tea to nourish you from the inside out.

Transition into your spa suite to commence your complete body massage from head to toe with warmed oil, accompanied by incredible sound therapy from Tibetan Singing Bowls to ease stress and help with healing.

Finish with a mini skin facial workout, designed to uplift and hydrate through use of our Emergin C Hydra Repair Capsules – enriching intensive topical plant extract and ceramide capsules to improve lipid content and improve hydration. 

Complete your experience with our seasonal nourishing food bowl to fuel you as you go about your day.

PRICE $199

Allow 2hrs 15 minutes for treatments