Experience the ultimate in anti-aging with this powerful combination of Advanced Micro-Needling + Medical Strength Peel + your personal prescriptive DP Dermaceuticals Meso-Glide serum in a course of 4 treatments over 4-6 months with Museo

Featuring 4 x market-leading Dermapen micro-needling treatments to refresh, regenerate, and renew your skin, you will see serious results throughout the course of your treatment. The NEW prescriptive DP Dermaceuticals Meso-Glide Serums boast the highest percentage of Hyaluronic Acid available in the market, to ensure that your skin is plumped and hydrated to give you a boost to your glow.


This is an incredible treatment package for those who want to seriously improve their skin – from pigmentation to scarring, acne and redness to fine lines and wrinkles, this powerful course or 4 specific treatments will help you to correct and dramatically improve the overall texture and condition of your skin.


If you’ve ever had a course of chemical peels or microneedling, this package is for you – it offers a boost upon the work already done and will ensure your skin continues to look its absolute best.


The intensity and advancement of these powerful treatments increases over a 4-6-month period, depending on your recovery and skin condition. Our Powerhouse Anti-Aging Package is truly the best way to see serious results in your skin – and the best time to start having your best-ever skin is right now.



You will receive:

  • 4 x Advanced Dermapen micro needling treatments
  • 2 x Medical-strength chemical peels
  • 2 x Personal prescriptive DP Dermaceuticals Meso-Glide serum

Note: all treatments become more advanced over the treatment period to ensure strong results.


The detail


SIGNATURE NEEDLING TREATMENT – Advanced Digital Micro-Needling This ATP (Authorised Treatment Protocol) treatment is the World’s only micro-needling system designed to treat all skin types and conditions using a range of DP Dermaceuticals Meso-Glide serums that are clinically tested to deliver bio-compatible actives via a target delivery vehicle using HylaFuse™ for ultimate skin results.



SIGNATURE NEEDLING TREATMENT + UBER PEEL – Advanced Digital Micro-Needling with Medical Strength Peel This treatment is next level correction when combined with DP Dermaceuticals Uber Pro Peel. Dermapen Signature Treatment with the DP Dermaceuticals Uber Pro Meso Peel is an effective yet gentle approach to skin regeneration, renewal, boosting skin smoothness, brightness, and vitality whilst allowing next level product delivery.



SIGNATURE NEEDLING TREATMENT + MESOTHERAPY INFUSION – Advanced Digital Micro-Needling with Concentrated Mesotherapy Infusion MG-Meso-Glide vials are concentrated infusions created to treat aging, scarring, pigmentation, acne, and problematic skin conditions. The MG-Collection offers sterile, single use and customisable patented solutions for single or blended Mesotherapy infusion solutions. Each serum delivers highly concentrated, premium bio-compatible actives for skins wanting an instant boost and ultimate results.


SIGNATURE NEEDLING TREATMENT + MESOTHERAPY INFUSION + UBER PEEL – Dermapen Signature Treatment with Uber Peel and Concentrated Mesotherapy Infusion. The ultimate combination of targeted modalities supports superior skin health and correction, targeting multi-faceted skin concerns and conditions. This high-performance treatment targets specific skin layers and cells to stimulate advanced responses and communication for the World’s best possible Micro-Needling Treatment.


$419 per treatment  //  $1676 for complete package (not available separately)

Allow 60 minutes per treatment

Purchase upfront for a 10% discount or alternately pay through our Salonpay weekly direct debit service from $84 weekly x 20 payments; Or $1676 – 10% = $1500

*Terms and conditions apply. Please scroll for details.

Unwrap an extra indulgence… The Merry Mimosa + Bagel Bar


Take time out for yourself and a few friends and make time at Museo. Indulge in our Merry Mimosa + Seasonal Bagel Bar in our Relaxation Room to celebrate having made it through the year. Follow on from this period of conversation and laughter into your choice of deeply relaxing experience at Museo. Choose from our regular menu of services or treat yourself to something special with our Holiday Offers and take time just for you ahead of the silly season. The perfect way to indulge and relax into the holidays!


$49  //  Allow 30- 60 minutes


*Terms and conditions apply. Specifically for The Merry Mimosa + Bagel Bar – Only available form 10am – 3pm throughout December by booking only. This offer is designed to work as an add-on to your Museo Treatment. Only available as a booking for 2 or more people. Available for appointments over 60 minutes.

*Terms and conditions apply.

The Powerhouse Anti-Aging Package is available as a gift certificate purchase as well as an in-house offer till December 24th 2020.

Not available as individual treatments. Purchase the complete package (total $1676) upfront and receive a 10% discount (new total $1500). For pay-as-you-go, total $1676. Pay with Salonpay weekly direct debit service from just $84 per week over 20 weeks.

Highlights are the package inclusions in set price, additional or upgrades can be added to package at extra cost.

Package times are an approximate only and are inclusive of arrival, relaxation and dressing timing.

The listed order of services within packages may change depending on services chosen and availability of therapist/s and hair stylists.

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