• Start your 5 senses awakening by tasting a delicious cleansing warm tea while relaxing with the heat of hot stones between your toes
  • Choose a massage blend by closing your eyes while the aroma of oils is wafted for you to smell your desired blend for treatment.
  • Next your take-home candle will be lit and your candle gaze meditation begins. Focus on the flame as everything else in the room fades away from your awareness. Breathe and focus on the sensation of the light flowing into you with each inhalation.
  • Hop into the warmed bed and relax to the vibrations of the Tibetan bowls as they deepen your relaxed state.
  • Allow the warmed oil blend with your chosen aroma oil and the sense of touch to relieve your tensions throughout The 50-minute Ritual Massage or alternately choose The 50 – minute Ritual Facial
  • Awaken to the sounds of the Tibetan bowls to bring you to the here and now.
  • Finish the 5 senses awakening ritual with a plate of wholesome food- for- the -soul because what we eat matters.

PRICE: $159

Allow approximately 110 mins

You will receive: Includes a Nina Bailey Blanc travel-sized candle to make your home smell incredible and practice mindfulness at home

*Terms and conditions apply. Choose one treatment in this package. The 50-minute Ritual Massage or alternately choose The 50 – minute Ritual Facial. Reception will ask guest upon booking of spa package which is their preferred treatment.  Times are inclusive of arrival, treatment, and relaxation times. Offers available for purchase as a gift only via the website. Travel candle is given at the time of treatment as is part of treatment. Offers only available until 31st May 2020. 

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