Acne Treatments

Target acne-prone or problematic skin with a personalised treatment program.

With 18 years specialist experience, our team are yet to meet acne skin that we can’t treat. With a consistant home care routine and in clinic program most acneic skin conditions can be improved and cleared within 3- 6 months. You will instantly see a brighter, cleaner and healthier skin but it does take time to rebalance the over production of oil in and to reduce the inflammation of p-bacteria in the skin.

The most important step is to act quickly to reduce any scarring that may already be occurring, as treating scarring post acne whilst certainly achievable and we have excellent proven methods to help reduce scarring and even out skin texture, is a longer and more costly treatment process.

Contact us here for more information on how we can create a personalised program to treat your skin or book a skin consultation to start your skin journey today ! Your $55 skin consultation is redeemable towards any skin clinic treatment or prescription products purchased on the day.