As founders of Museo, Adam and Wendy Michetti have always been dedicated to lavish experiences in their salon and spa and in results-driven treatments. Some time ago, Wendy chose to take a step back and focus on the business of being in business, much to the chagrin of her dedicated and loyal customers who appreciated her dedication too and extensive knowledge of helping each of them have the best skin of their lives.


After some time away, Wendy is proud to announce her return to treatments, offering the highest level in deliverable results and technical expertise in all things skin.


With her strong interest in and passion for preventative skin treatments, Wendy is looking forward to offering progressive treatments such as Skin Needling and IPL, working with only the best treatment materials, including DermaPen and Medicalia Clinical Peels. These incredibly effective anti-ageing treatments are available to our guests after extensive training and dedication to everything skin on the part of Wendy.


With training conducted under some of the best experts in the world, Wendy is able to tailor a range of treatments to your skin to best combat your specific areas of concern. Through personal consultations and dedication, a treatment plan for your skin is devised and with expert-level application can result in a significant change in the skin.


We appreciate that these treatments are an investment and are generally subscribed to as a course of treatments, sometimes for up to 12 months, to truly see results. It is this level of treatment and dedication that really excites Wendy and pushes her to achieve the best results for her clients. These are not your standard facials or peels but are truly specialist treatments designed to change your skin and assist it in the regenerative process. It is for this reason that Wendy is dedicating her time to the more involved programs offered at Museo, and the reason that she is trusted by many to perform these more involved procedures.


Bookings with Wendy are limited and by appointment only, so please call the salon on 9371 2299 or email to specifically request these specialist treatments with Wendy.


If you are truly ready to change the skin you are in, whether it is for anti-ageing, redness, rosacea or persistent acne, now is the time to work with one of the best Skin Specialists in Perth.