The Best Acne Treatments in Perth


Acne, whether it’s adult acne, teen acne, specific breakouts  or really tough cystic acne, can all have a significant impact on your mental and physical health. Unfortunately, so many people simply struggle with their skin when it gets red and inflamed like this, and don’t get the help they need.


It does not have to be like this – there are easy and effective solutions.

With 18 years of specialist experience, our team are yet to meet acne skin that we can’t treat. With a consistent home care routine and in-clinic program most acneic skin conditions can be improved and cleared within 3- 6 months. You will instantly see brighter, cleaner and healthier skin but it does take time to rebalance the overproduction of oil in and to reduce the inflammation of p-bacteria in the skin.

We know from working on hundreds of people’s troublesome skin over the years that these little issues can be easily fixed in a targeted series of treatments from Museo – sometimes as quickly as within the first 1 or 2 treatments.

Through a series of decongesting facials, chemical peels, skin needling treatments and light therapy we are able to control the acne, resurface the skin and work on reducing the scarring. When treating Acneic skin, the results truly come from a combination of treatments + home care routine to see the best results.

Depending on what your skin goals are, our team of skin specialists can help you craft a detailed and personalised skin program to best help you achieve those goals. Treatments are generally done every 2-3 weeks, allowing time for the skin to heal between each session but frequently enough to really target and see significant results. The length of your course of treatments completely depends on what you’re trying to achieve and how your skin responds to treatments. From this intensive period, we transition you onto a maintenance program designed to ensure you keep your beautiful new skin, with appointments usually monthly or bi-monthly depending on your schedule.

Here are some of our most effective skin treatments for Acne.

Skin Needling

Skin Needling works on acneic skin by correcting and resurfacing the skin. Skin Needling stimulates a healing response in your skin which can both heal the individual blemishes while reducing scarring from previous breakouts. By working on the skin’s surface and deeper into the dermis, we force it to send more blood, lymph flow and healing power to the skin. Particularly with skin needling, growth factors are triggered, which are responsible for supporting the repair of damaged skin, making components that heal lesions and blemishes, while helping to maintain the skin’s protective functions. The punctures also act as micro-channels, carrying the topical nutrients used during the treatment deep into the skin layers for increased effect. With results after just one treatment (although we do recommend a course of them for correction results), Dermapen Skin Needling offers great results for the price and works incredibly effectively in combination with other treatments like IPL and Chemical Peels.


IPL treatments work to help balance your skin tone and smooth the appearance of the skin. It can significantly help with treating current breakouts and scarring, resulting in more even-looking skin as it creates a rapid rejuvenation in the skin.  With acne, IPL targets the chromophore (the P-bacteria). Our Viora IPL technology utilizes light flashes over the treated area, triggering a biochemical response that will eventually kill the bacteria in the pores, targeting the P. Acnes Bacteria (Propionibacterium) within the skin.


Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are used in combination with dermal-level treatments like IPL and skin needling to improve the immediate surface of the skin. The application of different chemicals creates different reactions – AHA peels include glycolic acid that reduces spots and inflammation, while BHA Peels include salicylic acid that is anti-inflammatory and can help to resurface your outer layer of the skin.

One of our favourite peels for acne is our Alpha Beta Peel. “The serious” resurfacing peel is perfect for skins looking for intense skin correction and transformation.

This amazing treatment recruits intense concentrated levels of Lactic Acid, AHA’S, Salicylic Acid and Niacinamide to offer exclusive Biomimetic desquamation to rejuvenates the skin, and even out skin pigmentation while activating cellular regeneration for a brighter, smoother and more even toned skin complexion!


All of our Museo chemical peels includes a cleanse, exfoliation, and prescribed Peel followed with a cooling Alginate Mask, with a total time of 30 – 40 mins.


At home

At-home care is just as important for improving acne as your in-clinic treatments. We recommend using professional-quality skincare if you have any kind of significant breakout as it will help you see better results from your in-clinic treatment and ensure that you are balancing the effective ingredients on your skin at all times.
The most important thing is to set a good skin routine early. Speak to any of our skin specialists about your skin routine, and they will help set your morning and night products for the most effective results.

Cleansers can greatly reduce the amount of excess sebum hanging out on your skin, but over-cleansing can encourage your skin to produce more sebum – the opposite of what we are trying to achieve here. So, cleanse daily, but don’t go at your face with rough scrubs or cleansing multiple times a day or use the alcohol-based cleansers often found in chemists- it can actually cause more harm than good.


It often sounds counter-intuitive to apply moisturiser or other oily products to your skin when you’re suffering from oily skin in the first place, but its imperative to the protection of the skin and healing any damage. Moisturise daily after you cleanse to ensure your skin is well nourished and protected throughout the day. Try our O Cosmedics Mineral Pro SPF 30+; a moisturizer, sunscreen with a sheer tint. A great simple daily moisturizer containing zinc oxide – a powerful ingredient that is scientifically proven to help reduce antimicrobial/bacterial properties associated with acne, as well as lowering inflammation that is triggered by acne and helps regulate the production of sebum.

We encourage you to take your skin in hand and get a fantastic transformation on those skin issues that really bug or even embarrass you. You can be on one of our bespoke Museo Skin Treatment plans within a few days for as little as $50 a week with our payment plan options, getting you on your way to achieving your skin goals for far less than most people think. You can pay for your treatments upfront or join a payment plan that might be more suitable to your cashflow week-to-week.


Experience Museo’s incredible Skin Clinic and start the steps for better skin.

Start working towards your skin goals today with a skin consultation to discuss your skin concerns and the goals you want to work towards. We will then prescribe a full home care regime and in-house course of skin treatments and start your first treatment off which best meets your skin needs. Learn more about our Introductory Offer here


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