Spray Tanning

A quick, healthy year-round alternative to achieve that gorgeous summer glow. Great for fair maidens to fake it and for choc bombs to boost natural colour.

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Full Body Spray Tanning   $50

Full Body Exfoliation and Spray Tanning   $120

Tips to Maximise your Glow

Exfoliate daily leading up to your tanning appointment.

Why? It removes any dry or dead skin cells and allows the application to be more effective.

Why? Moisturiser will hydrate your skin, which ensures supple skin and even spray tan.

Don’t shave or wax 24 hours prior to your appointment.

Why? This is ensures your follicles aren’t open. Open follicles cause tan “speckles” or clogged pores.

Don’t wear deodorants, perfumes or body lotions on the day of your tan.

Why? Wearing these products can cause the tan to have a chemical reaction, become discoloured or patchy. Even perfume sprayed the day before will leave patchy marks. Wash thoroughly prior to your appointment.

Wear loose clothing after your tan.

Why? Clothing that is tight can leave unwanted lines and effect the way the tan develops.

After showering with your spray tan, always moisturise!

Why? The more the skin is hydrated the less your skin will shed. This increases the longevity of your tan.

Don’t spray perfumes directly onto the tanned area.

Why? The chemicals can react to the tan and “eat” at the colour, causing it to become patchy.

Don’t exercise while your tan is processing.

Why? Sweating will make the tan run and leave streaks. You can hit the gym as soon as you have washed it off.

Do not shave or wax whilst the tan is on.

Why? Shaving/waxing whilst you still have your spray tan on will remove the colour as it removes the skins epidermal layer.

To remove the tan (which may not happen all at once), simply exfoliate then moisturise.

Make sure any old tan is removed before your next tan!