Our hair goes through a lot between salon visits. From blow-drying or straightening to the harsh sun, dry shampoo and plenty of dust, chemicals and general foreign particles in the air, your hair starts to feel dry and damaged, in need of a little TLC. That’s why we recommend that a treatment is part of each and every salon visit, to ensure that your hair is up to its absolute best standard as you walk out of the salon, ready to face the world again.

Treatments penetrate the outside layer (cuticle) of the hair to repair deeper whilst conditioners focus mainly on the surface of the hair.

For our clients with coloured hair, a treatment is particularly important. Not only does a treatment stop the colour oxidising in the hair, but it actually helps your colour last longer, by sealing the colour particles into the hair shaft and providing a brilliant shine to your hair.


Treatments help soften and condition your hair, hydrate and nourish it keeping it looking smooth, shiny and healthy between visits. Your blow-dry will last longer, your styles will stay in place better and generally your hair will be in better condition, all by applying one simple treatment. So do right by your hair, to keep yourself looking and feeling beautiful between visits.


At any normal salon visit, you can add on a hydrating or moisturising treatment, ideal for providing a little TLC to your hair. These range from an intensive repair leave in treatment to one of the higher end Kevin Murphy Ritual treatments, designed to repair damaged and dry hair.


Museo also offers a deluxe Kerasilk Smoothing Treatment experience to our guests that can completely change the way that your hair looks, feels and responds. It smooths the hair for long-lasting manageability, control and shine. The thermal-active Kerashape Technology transforms unmanageable, wavy, curly or frizzy hair into long lasting smooth hair that feels like silk as it actively interacts with the hair structure. During the treatment, the keratin supplement penetrates into the hair and aerates new keratin bonds with those already found in your hair to reshape and restructure your hair. The surface feel is long lasting, making your hair feel smoother and softened. This Kerasilk Smoothing Treatment will help to cut your drying and styling time in half, saving you time each morning as you get ready to face the day.


Get one of our signature keratin treatments today, and we promise your hair will thank you for it.