Hy-a-lu-ron-ic Acid.

We’ve all seen the ads, and if you’re at all into your skincare you’ve heard about Hyaluronic Acid. Every skincare company worth their salt has a product that includes it, but this ingredient is quite misunderstood. What is it? What does it do? Why is everyone raving about it? And does a high concentration of Hyaluronic Acid really matter?

We’ve got the answers for you. Read on!


Hyaluronic acid is not, as the name would suggest, acidic. Don’t worry, this isn’t like a chemical peel. Hyaluronic acid is actually a type of sugar found naturally in all layers of the skin, as well as in your joint fluids and a bunch of other places in the body. Hyaluronic acid works in combination with collagen in your skin to create structure and tone – and that’s why it’s so raved about in skincare circles as an anti-aging ingredient.

Hyaluronic is a powerful humectant, meaning that it draws water and holds water, much like a sponge, binding water to your skin and increasing hydration. It actually holds 1000x its own weight in water – so you only need a little to get the benefits of this ingredient for skin renewal and developing healthy new tissue. This results in a completely refreshed and revived complexion, reduction in redness and plumping out of fine lines. Even open pores and scars look softer and smoother, and your skin overall has a better texture and tone. Powerful stuff right!

Hyaluronic acid is most often (and most effectively) combined with a powerful moisturiser, like olive, avocado, linoleic acid, oleic acid, coconut oil, shea or cocoa butter. While Hyaluronic acid is great at bringing moisture to the skin, it needs help keeping it there, and these moisturising ingredients do exactly that.

The reason the concentration of Hyaluronic acid is important is because it actually acts as an indicator of the kind of hyaluronic acid that is being used in the product. The low molecular weight version of hyaluronic acid can cause reactions in your skin, break the skin barrier and generally be a pest for your skin. These products rate at around the 0.2-0.5% HA mark and are often bought over the counter. Professional quality products with high molecular weight hyaluronic acid typically rank in the 0.5-1% HA mark, ensuring that you’re getting a serious dose of this powerhouse ingredient. There’s also Hylasome a Sodium Hyaluronate Cross Polymer which can penetrate the skin at different levels due to the activity of Hyaluronic Acid at varying molecule weights, giving it the power to hold 5 times the water-binding capacity of traditional Hyaluronic Acid. This is what O Cosmedics use as its main Hyaluronic acid ingredient in the O Cosmedics 3D Hyaluronic Serum.


When performing skin needling our base mesoglide ( solution to use to glide with the micro-needling pen and push further into the skin) is Hyaluronic acid (HA). The HA in the DP Dermaceuticals is measured 10 milligrams. One of our new mesoglides we are now launching in-salon has 35 milligrams of HA! This level is higher than what is in an injectable, which you can now experience as a mesoglide serum with micro-needling sans injection.

Ahead of 2021, Museo has released our Powerhouse Anti-Aging Package which includes treatments designed to seriously change the way your skin looks, like Dermapen Skin Needling which increases collagen production, and the NEW DP Meso Glide serums which deliver the highest available dose potent, professional-level doses of hyaluronic acid (amongst other actives like peptides and zinc) to your skin for a double-whammy of skin rejuvenating and boosting ingredients. We also sell a range of at-home skincare products including hyaluronic acid that have been clinically tested to show up to a 76% increase in hydration in your skin. Those are the kind of results we all want in our skincare.

If you’re serious about changing your skin, hyaluronic acid is something that you’ve got to get familiar with and incorporate as part of your daily skincare routine. Make sure you look for products with a high molecular weight hyaluronic acid included and request it as part of any professional treatments. We want to help you achieve your best-ever skin with Museo! Learn more about our Powerhouse Anti-Aging Package here or book in for your next skin treatment via the website today.

The best time to start an anti-aging treatment was yesterday. The next best time to start is today. So let’s go!