Social isolation isn’t the most fun thing we have ever done, but it certainly has some benefits for your skin. Less makeup means less blemishes and more room for your skin to breathe, all of which is a good thing. So even though you can’t get your usual skin treatments right now, the team at Museo are dedicated to helping you have your absolute best skin, pandemic style.



As much as you possibly can, keep anything heavy off your face. Moisturiser, a little eyebrow and mascara is plenty for working from home, so use this opportunity to let your skin truly breathe during this period of isolation. Couple that with deep cleansing daily and you’re sure to have skin as smooth as a baby’s bum in no time.



We could all use a little more routine in our lives right now, and a skincare routine is an easy one to implement that will have HUGE benefits for your face. Because we are all at home more regularly, it’s easier to stick to a home skincare routine and it can be a beautiful way to start and end your day and give you some real structure in these isolated days. For a supercharged, deep cleanse the O Sonic Ultimate Cleansing Brush is guaranteed to unclog 99.5% of your pores and remove makeup residue by 98.5% for TRULY clean skin. You can grab the O Sonic Ultimate Cleansing Brush in our ‘The Rock ‘n’ Roll Power Couple’ Isolation Indulgence package here.

If you don’t have a cleanser or moisturiser that you regularly use or that has been recommended for you by the team from Museo, please email us on and we can recommend some products for you.




Now is the time to truly think about what you’re putting inside your body. Whether you’re choosing healthier foods to keep your immune system up or want to add in supplements to ensure you are getting a good dose of superfoods to nourish your skin, now is the time. Less commute time means more food time, so really think about what you’re eating, eat more whole foods and clean foods. A cleansing tea would be wonderful right now, it’s not only a great way to break up your day but your skin will absolutely thank you for it. You can buy our Miss Vitality Elevate Cleansing Tea online here, or try the Miss Vitality Glow Tea, designed to support your liver and get your skin glimmering as part of our Sip + Soak Isolation Indulgence Package.



Because we are spending more time inside, advancing your home routine to multi-layer products with potent active ingredients is ideal for right now. Products containing retinol, lactic and salicylic acid remove redundant skin cells helping to resurface and refine your skin, reducing dehydration and fine lines. We can ensure you are maximising these ingredients and getting fabulous skin benefits as long as you have the correct at-home products to get you as close to an in-clinic peel (in consultation with your skin specialist at Museo!) that we can. NOW is the time to improve your skin and step up that home routine while we are all being forced to be inside anyway?


Include an additive to your day cream, like our favourite chirally corrected O Cosmedics Pure C and BHA with 5% L’Ascorbic Acid with encapsulated BHA. It offers daily exfoliation and antioxidant benefits second to none. Perfect for all skins in fact an absolute daily must for keeping your skin looking fresh as well as being protected. This is our fan-favourite product – buy yours here



WE have lots of options for those who want more advanced products and SERIOUS change in their skin during self Isolation. Speak to our Skin Specialists by emailing to book a virtual skin consult today about how you can advance your skincare during this time from home.



For those seriously missing their in-salon advanced skin treatments, there are lots of things that can be done at home, with advice and guidance from the Skin Specialists at Museo, to deliver the best results you can get during this period. We are offering The Rock ‘n’ Roll Power Couple Isolation Indulgence package for those looking to create serious results at home. The O-Skin Inject Dermal Roller allows you to create a micro-needling experience at home, to effectively and visibly rejuvenate, and regenerate the skin. Shop this fantastic package here. 


If you took the time to work out your skin goals at the start of the year, now is just the time to make sure you continue on the course, even from home.


For Museo skin clients your skin specialist would have been in touch about your home care routine for those on advanced programs, so make sure you check your inbox for details.

You will be able to continue purchasing your skincare and other retail lines from Museo by emailing or calling 93712299.


Our retail store and hairdressing salon is open most days, please see our socials for opening days and times.

Wishing you great skin in isolation x