Goodbye from our Skin + Spa and Introducing the Museo Hair Collective.

We have spent the past 3 months calling all of our clients to share the news, but now we want to make the announcement completely public.

As of, June 30th, 2021, we are no longer offering beauty services under the Museo brand.

Our decision to part ways now was due to our family commitments and our personal dreams and aspirations for the next few years. I feel to do something well I have to give a 100% dedication, so it feels right to stop now when you still love everything that you do, and you do it with a full heart.

We want to be remembered for the quality service we offered in a beautiful space that truly made the ‘Museo Experience’.

We wish to thank each and every one of you for your kind words around our change of direction over the past few months.

During July, we will also offer recommendations for a new day spa, if that is something you would like. Depending on the kinds of treatments you love, we can recommend you to some of our Museo favourites for those particular treatments. All you have to do is email us at and we can get you into a beautiful day spa that we know will take care of you in the absolute best way.

This isn’t a sad goodbye. It’s like when your best friend moves overseas for a while – you’re so thrilled that she’s doing this wonderful thing and excited for the journey she is on, but you’re going to miss her all the same.

In the last week, we have finalised where our new space will be for the Collective. Don't worry it is close, with easy parking, but what's great is it includes a gorgeous space for a Beauty Room. We will be offering this space within The Collective,  as part of the new business, which Helen and Claudia after a couple of months off will be looking at joining so, maybe it’s goodbye for now, but certainly not forever…


Introducing Museo Hair Collective

The Museo Hair collective is comprised of Adam Michetti and Melanie Sheratt who have worked together for the past 7 years. They are supported and backed up by the ever impressive Serena, our talented apprentice, to form the Museo Hair Collective.

Whilst we will be moving the salon sometime in the future, the Museo Hair Collective will continue to operate out of 690 Beaufort Street Mt Lawley. We promise you will know when we move and we will be personally calling you to let you know.


Our thanks

Thanks to our beautiful therapists Claudia, Helen, and Misty. They put their heart and soul into each day and for each client. We know you will miss them and think of them fondly. We might be able to entice them out of retirement to join the collective, you never know ….. watch this space

On a personal note, I have been blessed to work with many beautiful people over these past 22 years but none more so than these 3 lovely humans, and Adam, and I have truly enjoyed working alongside you and thankful for the laughs and fun times we’ve all had together.

Thank you to our gorgeous English Rose Beth who has worked for us this past year on reception. Forever part of our lives, we thank you for your time with us …

Our right-hand person, jack of all trades, manager, and office manager, Brooke we thank you. This is not goodbye as your work is never done as we know, but without you, Museo doesn’t operate. You are the extra amigo with Adam and I, and we thank you for being a part of our lives these last 10 years.

I would also like to say a massive thank you to all the previous Therapists, Hairdressers, Managers, Trainers Receptionists, and Office Administrators we’ve employed over the past 22 years. With a staff at times of over 37, it was successful with the help of great people who collectively helped us co-ordinate, manage and train our staff so that they could create a beautiful world of escapism and service for our clients to enjoy.

To you our clients who loved our Beauty Space - a warm thank you. For 22 years I walked through our doors happy to offer a luxe service across skin and spa and probably more important the opportunity of a positive workplace for us all to contribute within and form life long friendships with not only each other but also within our Museo community.

Lastly, I thank my loving husband Adam. We have had a working life together right from the beginning, spanning over 25 years.  Our business evolved, decisions and directions were always done as a team, whilst raising our children and always loving each other. Thank you babe for always being there and for your care and love. It is always strong, visible and honest.

Wendy x





Make your salon blow-dry LAST

This is honestly one of the best ways to keep that just-out-of-the-salon feeling going. Use JUST A LITTLE dry shampoo or texturizing spray to stop the oil in your roots and massage it in gently with your fingertips to absorb any oils without distressing the shape of your blow-dry. Use a soft bristle brush gently on your hair to detangle and calm down any flyaways, along with a little hair oil. A little maintenance on your blow-dry will ensure it stays looking fabulous for as long as possible.


Sleep on Silk

Sleep is usually where your blow-dry starts to look like a blow-out. That’s because we move in our sleep and because cotton or linen creates crazy static in our hair. The secret? Sleep on a silk pillowcase. Not only is it great for your skin (shown to reduce blemishes and help with moisturiser absorption) but it helps keep your hair looking fresh by reducing friction and cutting down on flyaways. Bonus, sleeping on a silk pillowcase is reported to help keep your hair shinier too!


Always choose a treatment at the basin

The better the condition of your hair, the better your blow-dry will hold. If you’re wanting to make sure your blow-dry lasts a few days, then you want to ensure that your hair is in tip-top shape. Choose salon-quality shampoos, conditioners and masques for your home use and make sure you get a treatment every time you’re in salon to keep those locks looking luscious.


Get a Museo Blow-Dry Bundle.

There truly is no feeling quite like getting a blow-dry in salon – and to make it more accessible for everyone, no matter how much time you’ve got or your budget, we have created our Museo Blow-Dry Bundles.


Save on a series of blow-dry’s, available for you in salon at a time that best suits. Whether you need an extra pick-me-up during the week or want a little extra oomph for the weekend or a night out, our blow-dry bundles are easy to fit into your week and busy schedule.


The blow-dry process generally takes just 30 minutes, so you can squeeze it in during any moment you’ve got in your week, and the bundle can be completely flexible for whatever dates suit you best within the bundle period.

Each blow-dry includes:

  • Wash of your hair using gorgeous salon-quality products specifically designed for your hair worries
  • Glorious head massage, the best bit of any salon visit
  • Straight blow-dry, with a focus on sleek locks and volume
  • Complimentary flat iron or curling want styling, should you desire a little extra glamour!
  • PLUS receive 10% off all hair salon retail products during the bundle period.
  • Complimentary express treatment with the first blow-dry (Valued @ $18)
  • During your blow-dry bundle period enjoy further express treatments for only $10 with every blow-dry



3 for $180 saving up to $45 – SHOP ONLINE

6 for $330 saving up to $120 – SHOP ONLINE

10 for $500 saving up to $250 – SHOP ONLINE


Afterpay and Salonpay direct debit weekly payments available. Contact us here to arrange your preferred payment method.


Get your best ever hair with Museo, and enjoy your blow-dry on a budget – the best way!

Winter hair makeover | Why we change our hair in winter | Museo


Winter is always a time for growth and renewal. We spoke about why this is so when it comes to our skin on this blog here. But it’s also true for our hair. Whether that means cutting in a fringe that looks cute under beanies or colouring our hair darker for the cooler months, change is inevitable in Winter.

This year, the team at Museo have been helping to ring in some amazing changes in our client’s hair. We are cutting off split ends, going for the big chop and changing length significantly, bringing in beautiful natural tones and installing heavenly heads of extensions. But why are we all so set on changing our hair in winter?


Winter is naturally a time for renewal in our bodies, and this is a very natural process. This means we stay inside more; we tend to eat in more and we typically do more self-care. The cooler temperatures encourage us to stay inside and that gives our hair and skin a break from the harsh UV rays and the whip of the wind. With the cooler temperatures in full effect, long, thick locks are de regur which explains why we see more people wanting to get extensions installed. Some of our clients see significantly more hair growth during winter, and more hair fall as your hair takes this opportunity to renew and refresh.



Particularly in Australia, winter falls in the middle of the year. Long gone are the bright lights of New Year’s Eve, and so most people start to feel a little stagnant come winter as things just roll on with the status quo. They say change is as good as a holiday, and a change in hair colour or length can be a great way to shift your thinking out of the winter funk, leaving you feeling fresh and ready to tackle the second half of the year.



It’s true that hair is ruled by fashion, and at no time of the year is this truer than winter. All the dark greys you see in clothing pair perfectly with darker locks. Beanies and fringes are a match made in heaven. Long hair falls perfectly over a scarf – it’s all about the look right! As the fashions of the season change, we see that those same fashions apply to the hair our clients are asking for, and we are more than happy to supply them with gorgeous locks to keep them ahead of the curve.

If you’re ready to tackle your Winter hair makeover, Museo are here to help. Whether it’s a deep conditioning treatment, going the big chop, a seasonal fringe or a full head of extensions to give you the hair of your dreams, Museo can help you achieve your hair goals. Simply book in online and let’s get your locks looking lovely this winter.


Winter truly is a time for restoration. We naturally spend more time in doors, eat richer and more nourishing foods and take things a little slower. It’s not just your mind and body that requires restoration at this time of the year however – it’s also your skin and your hair. With the harsh sun and the outdoorsy lifestyle gone for a few months, Winter is the time to make the serious changes to your skin and your hair.



So, the cooler months is the time to get down to serious skin programming whether you’re planning your annual Winter series of maintenance peels (choose from a series of 3 or 6 peels) to ensure your skin stays in prime condition or you’re at the beginning stage of wanting to combat skin concerns and work towards your skin goals by initiating a series of micro skin needling or IPL treatments or perhaps even starting your own bespoke skin program with a mix of modalities suitable for your skin. Our treatments offer incredible transformations to the skin and by having them in winter any down time works well considering it is not beach weather and there are generally less social occasions in the winter period. For those of you wanting to start IPL hair removal, the winter clothes attire fits in perfectly with these treatments, particularly for leg hair removal as your legs are generally covered up in the cooler months adding a layer of protection from UVA and UVB rays. You do have to be really careful in summer having micro needling and IPL treatments, so there’s a lot less to think about in winter and you are less likely to suffer damage from the sun and reverse any of the good work done in clinic.


IPL for Hair removal can take a number of sessions to deliver that silky smooth skin we all want! Whether you’re getting IPL for Pigmentation, Vascular treatments or Hair removal, we encourage you to get your IPL treatments started as we lead into winter so that you will have reached your skin goals or be hair free by next Summer.  Book a skin or IPL consult today where you can ask us all the questions and have a good understanding of what can be achieved.



In Spa, winter sees a huge rise in warming body treatments. Whether it’s warm oil massages, aromatherapy soaks or whole-body scrubs, we love to indulge our clients in this time of restoration. Winter is a great time to treat yourself to a beautiful treatment in spa, then head home and snuggle up on the couch and just relax. A body brushing or scrub treatment encourages increased blood flow to aid in healing and skin firmness over your whole body, while a soak is an indulgent treat that can be accompanied by something more restorative, like aromatherapy or combined with any of our other body treatments. One of the best recommendations from our team of therapists is to book your soak or massage late in the day on either a Friday or Saturday afternoon so you can have your treatment and then head home to relax – hopefully with a glass of wine – and simply slip into the weekend. It’s an indulgent way to relax and restore your body and mind.



The sun, ocean and swimming pools can have massive effects on our hair during the summer months and winter is the optimum time to restore and renew even the most damaged locks. Deep conditioning treatments allow you to deeply repair and strengthen the inner structure of the hair,  and so during winter, we recommend indulging in one of our intensive repair leave-in treatments or the Davines Circle Mask Ritual treatments that are clinically proven to remedy any hair issue. A scalp massage is another way to really help your hair recover – by directing more blood flow to the head through massage, you encourage healing in the hair follicle, meaning that the new hair growth is stronger and nutrient rich . Both of these treatments can be delivered alongside Skin Clinic or Day Spa treatments


This winter, indulge in the restorative powers of the Winter Wind Down. Choose from our two popular relaxation treatments, either the warming thermal massage or the thermal body brushing and mineral mud wrap. Either choice is then combined with a shampoo, scalp massage and style blow-dry to leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated while leaving Museo looking absolutely restored. You can shop our Winter Wind Down as a gift for yourself or a treat for your favourite person here.




We spoke last week about how to transform your skin and create your best ever skin with Museo. But we don’t just create amazing skin at Museo – we also create amazing hair transformations, and we have seen plenty over the past few months in salon.


For most clients, their hair is everything. It's key to how you present yourself to the world, how you feel about yourself and how you feel during the day – is there any better day in the calendar than the day you get a cut, colour and blow dry? Nope. And so, when your hair is not at its best, whether that’s the colour, the length or the condition of your hair, it has a huge effect on how you feel.


As we move into a new season, we see more and more people wanting to make a change. A change in the way they look, a change in the way they feel. As we move towards winter, out come the darker velvet tones, warmer rich coppers or the cooler blondes and in come the fringes and the longer styles. Thankfully, with the team from Museo making a huge change in your hair doesn’t have to be a long and arduous process – it can be instant or in an appointment or two. So, if you’re ready to make a change in your hair, here are some of the best ways to go about it.




Get the length or volume you want INSTANTLY with our Showpony hair extensions. With our team of expert stylists applying them, these extensions give you the length you want without the wait and they are absolutely seamless. In this amazing transformation, you can see the great change we were able to make, from shoulder-length hair to instantly long luscious locks. Extensions are great if you want to add volume or have hair that is thicker and will hold a curl (fine hair girls, we hear you!) – it’s not just all about the length! They can also be great if you want to experiment with colour, like balayage or ombre, without damaging your natural hair through lightening. If you’re keen to get some extensions installed, we want to help you have a really seamless look that is only achieved by working with expert stylists. Book into the salon for a consultation and find out how extensions can give you the hair transformation you want instantly.





The condition of your hair is so important to its overall look, that’s why we recommend getting a treatment each time you are in salon. Stop split ends, improve shine and prevent that “boofyness” that comes from ongoing colouring or the change in seasons.

The Kerasilk Treatment service is for those clients who are wanting to bring their hair to life, giving smooth and shiny results. This customised treatment provides three-six months of a smooth transformation of unmanageable and unruly hair thanks to the acting keratin properties that smooth and relax the hair. In the image above, we used the elements in the Kerasilk liquid silk and smoothing ingredients to create new bonds in the hair which acts as keratin, perfect for clients with damaged or unruly hair. Another benefit is the time spent on styling your hair at home will be considerably easier and quicker now that the hair shaft is already smooth.


This salon-only treatment is applied with precision and time, so we do recommend to pre-book your appointment, also allowing 2-3 hours in the salon. This is a miraculous treatment to have as we head into winter, and as a bonus, you can get a take-home shampoo and conditioner from Museo to ensure your hair condition is maintained between appointments. Keep in mind that we do instant leave in and mask treatments for people wanting to hydrate their hair before a style cut and blow-dry or post colour service.




Dramatic cuts are some of our favourites to do here at Museo and we have been making the good people of Perth look amazing for the past 20 years. This transformation though has to be one of our favourites – from long grown out to short, sharp and on-trend, this cut suits our client infinitely more than her previous style. We love that the hair cut is able to embody a bit of her personality and really gives definition to her beautiful neck and jawline which suits her down to the ground.

Whether it's adding a fringe for autumn (so cute under a beanie!) or going from super long to super short, we want to help you transform your hair from drab to fab. Speak to any of our stylists in salon about how you want your hair to look and we can advise you on what will give you the most flattering look, factoring in important things like your hair texture, features and dream colour to give you an overall incredible look.


Now is the time to have your dream hair. Book an appointment with the team from Museo to have the best hair in Perth this Autumn. All you have to do is click here.





We know that our skin is made up of different ‘zones’ – from those with oily T Zones to super dry cheeks or the area around your eyes that just ages and acts differently. We also know that different areas of our hair act differently – oily roots or dry split ends are a common problem for our clients.


But what are we doing to help resolve these issues? The answer should be Multi-Masking – and it applies to both your skin and your hair.


If you have watched anything in the beauty space for the past few years, you will have heard about multi-masking, or the technique of applying different masks to different areas of your face to treat different skin issues. One mask like the new Pevonia Bright Green Apple Mask down your T Zone that reduces visible pores and is balancing, oil controlling and mattifying  then on your cheeks a Pevonia Collagen Peptide Mask that plumps and hydrates and for those skins with pesky breakouts along the jaw and chin a Pevonia Pure Skin Charcoal Mask that has astringent properties works a treat. Speak to your in-spa therapist today about purchasing any of these products or what will offer you the best results for your skin. While this might sound like a lot of products, it’s really no different from applying a day moisturiser, a night moisturiser and an eye cream – but it can have dramatic results.


By treating each area of your face independently, you’re able to best tackle the individual areas, rather than applying a ‘one size fits all’ approach to your skin. It’s about being able to customise and personalise your mask for the results you want, and it ensures that your skin will look its best. Speak to any of our Museo skin therapists today about which take-home masking products across our Pevonia and O Cosmedics ranges will be best suited for your different skin and ageing concerns. We even have a mask you can sleep in overnight that doesn’t mess up your pillow and leaves you with a well-hydrated skin and more luminous skin to start the day. It is also an excellent addition to your home routine to give your skin a spruce-up prior to social functions.


Multi-masking is now also here for your hair, and available at Museo. Through the fabulous range from Davines, you can apply an oil-correcting mask to your roots, a smoothing mask to your mid lengths which are often prone to flyaways and a hydrating and repairing mask to your ends to stop breakage and give you smooth, touchable hair. The reason this multi-masking works is pretty simple – active ingredients present in each mask are what is needed to course correct particular issues. The Hyaluronicnic Acid found in ‘The Quick Fix Circle’ for instance won’t do a whole lot to your oily ends – but it binds to the hair structure and provides serious hydration that you need in your mid lengths and ends. Its about using the appropriate product for the right part of your hair.



Museo are now selling The Circle Chronicles by Davines in store, offering you the chance to see the great results of multi-masking for yourself. Whether it’s as an in-salon treatment or the cutest ever take home pouches, treat your hair to a good time and try multi-masking for yourself.  Treat yourself to a night in and a bit of multi-masking. Apply your masks to your face and your masks to your hair, run a bath and enjoy a glass of wine before you rinse everything off. Your face and your hair will thank you.

For recommendations on any products mentioned in this blog, speak to the team from Museo by calling (08) 9371 2299



Museo Perth are proud to announce that we are now offering both clip-in and tape extensions, thanks to market leader Showpony, at our Mount Lawley Hair Salon.

Hair extensions have been around for years, but its important to note that the technology has shifted dramatically in the past 5 years or so. No longer are hair extensions just for those who want longer hair, with a less-than-seamless integration into your own hair. As the line between fashion and hair continues to blur, hair extensions have also evolved, offering great options for trend-driven hair styles, including adding colour, adding a fringe or different lengths to give you a completely different look and feel, thanks to the extensions.

Many colour effects, like balayage and ombre colouring, can be significantly improved with the use of extensions. You can also create balayage/ombre without having to colour your hair at all. Hair extensions allow you to experiment with colour without the damage to your own hair, while also adding bulk and length, so depending on the colour effect you’re trying to achieve in your hair this may be a fantastic route for you to have your ideal colour.

There are two distinct types of hair extensions. Tape Extensions are your more permanent solution, designed to be installed in your hair and worn as they are for up to 6 weeks. This is a great solution if you’re looking for hair that truly has its own body and style, and to give you more length and greater fullness without having to worry about clipping them in every day. These Tape Extensions do need to be lifted every 4 to 6 weeks, but for a fraction of the cost of the initial installation and overall the tape extensions (if cared for properly) should have a life of up to 6 months before they need to be replaced.

Clip-In Extensions are a great solution for those who want to be able to change their look for different occasions, allowing you to add length, volume or even a statement fringe simply, quickly and easily. If you want to have longer or fuller hair for a night out, work, a special occasion or simply just sometimes, Clip-In Extensions offer your best hair without the commitment.

Both Tape Extensions and Clip-In Extensions are able to boost your hair length, add volume, allow you to play with different colours in your hair and add bulk for upstyles or use for more dramatic ponytails and formal hair as required. The choice just comes down to whether or not you want to have your hair with all these extras just on some days, or every day.

With any Showpony Extensions purchased from Museo we will colour match the extensions to your hair colour, whether that’s natural or dyed, and give them a style cut to allow them to integrate into your hair seamlessly. We will educate you on care for your extensions and installation of your clip-in extensions as required, and you can purchase specific hair extension shampoo and conditioner directly from Museo in salon.

We are running an incredible introductory deal for our Showpony Extensions offering, so make sure you click the link here to check out this great deal.


There comes a time in everyone’s life, where the decision needs to be made – continue to colour your hair, fighting the good fight against grey hair, or succumb and transition to grey gracefully. For those customers currently tossing up the decision, we have some good advice and some hard truths on what it actually means to go grey.

Grey hair has seen a rise in popularity from a fashion standpoint in the past 5 years. Whether it’s a grey balayage, as we have showcased a few times or celebrities like Meryl Streep and Jamie Lee Curtis paving the way for going grey younger and younger. It means that the stigma of having grey hair has been lessened, and no longer is it exclusive to your mother or grandmother, or women “over a certain age”. Anyone can go grey if they want, and more often we are seeing younger and younger women wanting an icy edge to their locks.


It’s important to note that grey hairs have a completely different chemical makeup to coloured hair strands, and this is part of what causes so much grief in attempting to cover them. Colour doesn’t adhere as well to these rogue strands, and because “grey hairs” are actually white, they stand out shockingly as the roots grow out against dark or rich colours. This means more salon appointments trying to keep the greys at bay – and often this becomes the catalyst for change.



The best way of going grey gracefully is to go blonde. It might sound counter-intuitive, but hear us out. What we are actually suggesting is the removal of existing pigment from your hair through bleaching – unfortunately, there’s no way around that one – to take as many of your hairs as possible towards a lighter colour, allowing greys to blend in seamlessly as the hair grows out. This can take a couple of bleaching treatments whether it is a full head application or foils to get you to the right lightness, and it is a bit of a journey, as often the hair will go through stages before we can achieve the desired finished result. The bleached hair is then toned from a warm blonde to an ashy blonde, allowing grey hairs to perfectly blend into the light grey or almost white colour of the rest of your hair.


It is incredibly important to remember your hair care when you’re doing drastic colour makeovers like this. Deep conditioning treatments and Goldwell Bond Pro added to the bleaching process will ensure that your hair doesn’t become damaged from repeated bleach treatments. Our team of stylists can recommend some great take-home products to ensure that your hair is protected and nourished between appointments and can help manage the damage.


If you’re interested in going grey gracefully, Museo Skin + Spa + Hair would love to help you achieve a gorgeous colour with minimal damage to your hair. Our team of expert stylists can recommend a treatment approach for you that could involve a few appointments to lighten the hair, potentially some root shadowing to blend and the right conditioning treatment for your hair to ensure that the integrity and quality of your hair is maintained through this big change. Whether your hair is long or short, grey can be a beautiful, classic colour that gives you a sense of freedom! So don’t cling to colour any more, let’s go grey! Book your appointment online here.


With summer having officially ended and the cooler months coming slowly but surely, we can bet that your skin and hair is absolutely starting to feel it. The changing of seasons is always a difficult time for both your skin and hair, no matter where on the calendar you’re talking about. Year after year, we just seem to put up with the changes, and know that as we adjust to the seasons, this too shall pass.


But no more. The team from Museo Skin + Spa + Hair are here to help you with your seasonal breakdown with the best tips for skin and hair to keep you looking your fresh best as we move into winter…


  1. Deal with damage as it happens

    When we start to head from summer into winter, the first thing that usually goes is your skin as cold winds start to ruddy those cheeks and having been in climate-controlled environments for most of summer starts to take its toll. Similarly, for your hair, after 3 months of sun and salt, your locks might be starting to feel a little lack-lustre by the time autumn rolls around. The second you start to notice a chance in the texture of either your skin or hair, start to act. Don’t wait for things to get worse or just choose to ride out the seasons, take action now and get yourself back on track!

  2. Check your skincare

    The change of seasons is as good a time as any to make sure that your skin care routine is still on point. During winter, we spend more time inside and surrounded by air-conditioning which can dry out your skin – so focus on intensive night moisturisers to replenish what is being taken out each day. Here at Museo, we recommend all our clients get a little of the Pevonia Vitaminic Serum in their bathroom cabinet. Our whole team use it on their skins, especially through the winter months.

    It’s also important to note that in Summer you often only need a light moisturiser and for those with oilier skin, move towards using a lighter serum, applied in the mornings only with your sunscreen (an absolute must!) applied over the top. You can then use a richer moisturiser at night to replenish while you sleep.

  3. Get your IPL Appointments booked!

    One of the major benefits of the seasons shifting is for those who are looking to get our brand-new IPL Service for hair removal or photo rejuvenation. For those interested in getting IPL for hair removal, it’s important to wait until the end of the summer months as you can’t expose areas that have been treated (like your legs) to sunshine as it may cause damage. For those looking to get IPL for photo rejuvenation, the summer sun exposes the pigment variations that you are looking to correct with this treatment, and so the end of summer offers a great chance for your skin specialist to identify the zones that most need treatment while your skin is at its most pigmented.

    Now is the perfect time to book a series of IPL appointments, so please check out the website for our offers and payment plans!

  4. Use a Mask

    Make sure you use a nourishing deep conditioning mask to inject moisture back into your dry and dehydrated locks. Aside from that, invest in a hydrating leave-in conditioner to help your hair recover from the summer heat and cope with the winds and heating of winter.

  5. Change your colour

    There’s a reason that everyone changes their hair colour, lipsticks and even brow tones as the seasons change – it’s because your colouring changes. We have less of a tan on our face, without that sun exposure, our blondes are less bright and therefore many of our makeup products change. Now is the time to transition to a richer, deeper colour for autumn and winter for your hair, to perfectly compliment the plums, burgundies and darker tones that look incredible with winter fashion.

  6. See your stylist – pronto!

    Whether it’s a resurfacing treatment for your skin or a deep conditioning treatment for your hair, one of the most effective ways to make change is to consult your stylist at Museo Skin + Spa + Hair. They will be able to recommend the right treatment products for you, as well as the right hair colours to suit your winter skin tone and beautiful rich moisturisers to take you from one season to another. Let the team from Museo Skin + Spa + Hair look after you as the seasons change and make sure you’re always looking your best going forward. Book online with Museo here.


Museo recently worked with some of the best wedding vendors across Perth to create a dream wedding day for Emma & Matt, who were married at Nedlands Yacht Club.

Museo were responsible for the stunning hair and makeup styling for the bride and her bridal party on the day, ensuring all these lovely girls looked and felt their absolute best in this stunning wedding.


For Emma, a softly swept upstyle was the logical choice, as it provided the perfect mounting place for her gorgeous long veil, an absolute showstopper against the back of this HobNob Bridal wedding dress. The delicately pulled back edges of this style meant that well into the evening of dancing, this style holds its own and stays put. You can see that well into the evening, Emma’s hair still looks fresh and poised, perfect for this beautiful bride.


Each of the bridesmaids wore a different variation of stunning Adrianna Papell beaded gowns, and so for each bridesmaid we created a hair style as unique as they were.Soft upstyles and soft curls across all the bridesmaids gave them a coordinated look without being matchy matchy and allowed each style to really sit and suit each of these beautiful women.

For this beautiful group of ladies, we focussed on soft, natural makeup designed to enhance their features without being overly structured. A soft, dark eye, natural brows and a hint of highlighter in all the right places adds great contrast on each face, while a soft rosy blush adds a touch of spring to each of these gorgeous ladies. A slightly bolder pink lip for the bridesmaids really complimented their blush dresses, while the bride chose to stay soft and natural in her lip colour. For these lovely ladies, makeup was all about adding a little to what they all had, rather than detracting from their stunning dresses or the beautiful bride.


The team at Museo have worked on many stunning weddings in Mount Lawley and Perth, creating beautiful looks for brides, grooms and the bridal party with our unique blend of salon, spa and skin for both men and women. Whether you are looking for the perfect spa experience to relax in prior to your wedding day, a beautiful team of hairdressers to create a gorgeous look or talented makeup artists who know how to achieve just the right look, the team at Museo would love to help you have your dream wedding day. We offer Wedding Spa Packages designed with your bride-tribe in mind and are available for makeup and hair services on site in our beautiful salon and spa space. Book online with the Museo team at and we hope to be part of your dream day.


Photograhy: Deray Simcoe

Venue: Nedlands Yacht Club

Wedding Dress: HobNob Bridal

Florals + Styling: Heart Strings


All images throughout are courtesy of Deray Simcoe.


Balayage is one of the most talked-about colour trends in the hairdressing industry and one of the most popular colour services that we offer our clients at Hair by Museo in the hip suburb of Mount Lawley, Perth. Balayage is a technique of applying colour to the hair in a free-hand, painterly way that allows the colour to blend more naturally into your base colour. By using multiple tones of similar or contrasting colours on the hair, applying lighter tones around the face and darker tones at the roots and on the underside of the hair, for example, you create really strong movement and texture in your colour, resulting in fabulous on trend colour!


The technique was originally developed in the 1970’s in France, but was recently regenerated  by celebrity stylist Guy Tang and it has absolutely spread like wildfire around the world. No more flat, one dimensional colours - instead tonal and multidimensional tones are all the rage and are being worn by celebrities like Beyoncé and Rhianna .

Ombre colour, showing a transition from dark to true blonde.

Balayage colour, with multiple tones blended into a beautiful overall colour. Work by Hair by Museo.


Many people mistake balayage for an ombre technique, which is a significant mistake. Ombre is where your colour fades from one to the other from root to ends of your hair, giving it a gradient tonal look. It is often seen with bright colours, where you go from a rich pink (Mahogany) to pastel pink at the ends for example, or from brunette roots to true blonde ends. With Ombre, regrowth is very visible and the colour itself can be quite difficult to maintain between appointments.



Balayage, however, is more about the technique of colour application, and truly is an art form. Balayage can be used with any hair colour, whether you're a blonde, brunette, a redhead or even greys, as it describes the colour application, not the colour itself. Highlights, lowlights and mid tones are placed strategically across the head. It creates beautiful multi-dimensional hair that is very easy to live with because it is not such a stark change as your colour starts to grow or fade out. It can even be a great way to grow out your platinum blonde, for instance, and bring it to a more up-to-date or natural shade, as balayage blends different blonde tones both into your roots and into your existing blonde.


Getting good balayage colour in Perth can be difficult, so we do recommend doing your research before launching into salons and asking for this popular hair trend. The team at Hair by Museo in Mount Lawley have done extensive training in Balayage and have been applying this style of colour for a few years now, giving us the know how and expertise to transform and update our client’s colour. Book into the Hair by Museo online for a beautiful balayage colour or call the salon at any time on 08 9371 2299. We even offer a complimentary colour consultation with our specialist colourists to discuss which colour technique suits your needs and how we can achieve the best results with your hair, no matter how well or badly it may have been treated previously. So don’t live with flat, one-dimensional hair any longer - visit Hair by Museo and get your balayage look today!


For many people, the salon-quality blow-dry is one of the little luxuries after your absolutely necessary colour or cut. A salon blow-dry leaves you looking and feeling your very best, the perfect treat for a night out, lunch with the girls or even just feeling that bit special on a Tuesday. Taking time out of our busy days for ourselves can sometimes be a real challenge, particularly for those of us who are parents, it is often the small moment of luxury and me-time that we need to get a new perspective on life.


Here are our 5 BIG BENEFITS to having a salon blow dry…


  1. A professional blow-dry always lasts much longer than anything you can do at home. These are the advantages of professional skills and the best tools of the trade! Add just a little dry shampoo through the week and with a few styling tricks, you can get up to a week's worth of wear out of a salon blow-dry. The time you save in washing and styling your hair makes the cost of a salon blow-dry worthwhile!
  1. You get the salon relaxation feeling without the price tag.  Enjoy the chance to take time out for yourself, take a break and get a coffee in salon, without having to pay for the full cut, colour and treatment each time. It’s only a quick appointment to have a proper blow-dry, which you can squeeze in between your other commitments and come out the other side feeling relaxed and refreshed like you have done something truly luxe for yourself. And, for our new clients, you will have the chance to see how amazing our stylists are at Museo.
  2. You can learn how to style your hair. Having issues styling your hair at home? Not quite getting the look you are going for? Watch your stylist as they blow-dry your hair and ask questions. Whether it is time-saving products, new techniques or perfecting that straightening iron curl, a blow-dry offers an insight into the hairdresser magic that you can then replicate at home. Keep your hair feeling fresh and beautiful for longer!
  3. You can trial new styling products. At Museo, we use styling products that get the job done! With product brands like Kevin Murphy, Goldwell and Davines we can show you the specific products you need if you want to replicate a salon blowdry at home. If you’re into your products and want to see if that new volumising product works and is right for your hair, or if that hairspray really lasts all day, you can ask your stylist to use those products when they style your hair and you can try before you buy. 
  1. You feel like new! With heat-protecting products to make your hair feel soft and lush, great lotions to give you a big bouncy look and grabbing those minutes to just sit and chill out. A salon blow dry can make you feel like new, no matter what your day has brought. It gives you that fresh, pulled together look that we are all aiming for- no matter what else has gone on in your day.


So if you’re convinced and thinking that your hair and soul could really use a bit of a lift, Museo Salon is offering a Blow-Dry Bundle Deal for all new and existing clients.

Receive a complimentary micro treatment to give your hair shine and protect it from the wear and tear of daily life and have your beautiful blow-dry in whatever style or shape you prefer.


We will even include a complimentary curl style for you if you prefer a little extra glamour. Don’t miss an opportunity to have that salon perfect hair all the time with our Blow Dry Bundle Deals and get yours by clicking here.

Rebonding Straightening | Smoothing, Straightening and Perming | Museo



Our hair goes through a lot between salon visits. From blow-drying or straightening to the harsh sun, dry shampoo and plenty of dust, chemicals and general foreign particles in the air, your hair starts to feel dry and damaged, in need of a little TLC. That’s why we recommend that a treatment is part of each and every salon visit, to ensure that your hair is up to its absolute best standard as you walk out of the salon, ready to face the world again.

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