The Barber Shop

Men's Cuts

Shampoo, cut & finish


Melanie Sherratt

Adam Michetti




Shampoo, Cut & Finish

Stylist   $0

Melanie Sherratt   $75

Adam Michetti   $85

Beard Maintenance

Beard trim (with men’s cut)


Traditional close face shave


Beard trim (with men’s cut)   $10

Traditional close face shave   $70

Men's Colour

Get a fresh new shade with our complimentary consultation and quote for colour.

Brush on colour

from $54

Reshade colour

from $54

Semi-permanent colour

from $74

Foils / highlights


Permanent tint colour


Brush on colour   from $54

Reshade colour   from $54

Semi-permanent colour   from $74

Foils / highlights   from $74

Permanent tint colour   $95

Goldwell Mens ReShade
Blend away the grey in only six minutes! A fantastic way to give your grey hair a subtle lift, the Goldwell Mens ReShade offers a natural appearance and washes out gradually.


The tension release massage by Museo was quite possibly the best ‘TR’ massage I’ve had since attending Museo over the years so Kudos to Museo. The added value in providing something relatively intangible like that makes a difference and is the distinguishing factor between just having a haircut. It’s also the link between all services available with the Museo Group which is what develops the business and if that is what the staff can understand and deliver then everyone, Directors, Staff and importantly clients will benefit from and have them return. Customer service is key for growth. It’s always a pleasure spending time at Museo.