If 2020 has taught us anything,

it’s how precious time is

Your time. Your time out. Time to breathe, think, take care of yourself a bit.

This brand new skincare membership in Perth is the ultimate in respecting and honouring the moments you have – and doing something 100% for you.

It’s monthly you-time, pre-paid (so you don’t have to think about it), for consistent and beautiful results from Perth’s most established and well-respected Skin + Spa + Hair salon – Museo.

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“My skin is now in great shape! I love it now”

What was the best part of our service? “The ladies! They’re all so wonderful and lovely. Plus they know exactly what they’re talking about. Everything is explained to you extremely well and can answer any question.”

“I tried three other local clinics to find the best fit for my skin and service, but nothing compared to Claudia’s treatments. Since my first visit I have been obsessed with the outcomes and the services – I now wouldn’t go anywhere else and I always recommend!”

“I’m really really happy with how far my skin has come. The past year and half was the first time in my life I have ever experienced acne at the age of 24/25 so I really had no idea where to start. I’m so happy with how it’s looking and really amazed at how much it has improved!”

Museo Skin Client

We’ll always be the place you wish you’d found earlier.

If you’re not happy with your skin today, it’s unlikely to be any different next week. And in a month – when life gets busy and you forget to take the time to take care of it again – you guessed it, you’ll still be unhappy with it. Where do you think you’ll be in a years time?

We don’t want you to feel less than thrilled with your skin. We want you to understand it and work with it, without the need for injectables – Museo is about getting the most out of your skin working with it.

We help you understand your skin – that’s our job.

We know everything there is to know about skin and spa treatments and hair – that’s our job.

What is also our job?

Knowing our clients are often too busy, or too willing to put themselves further down the priority list than they should, to remember to book a monthly treatment.

At Museo our driving force is ensuring you don’t forget about yourself how you like to look, how you love to relax, and how you want to feel.

Introducing: Museo Skin care +love thy self Membership

Museo has been Perth’s ultimate haven for the perfect fusion of skin, spa, and hair luxury for over 20 years.

It calls people seeking to honour their entire selves – inside and out.

This membership takes one job off your list and removes the worry from caring for yourself, your skin, and your stress levels.


Completely customisable, it delivers monthly benefits and oodles of benefits:

  • Hassle-free monthly appointments
  • 12 x free eye treatments (valued at $600)
  • 4 x free Salon blow drys (valued at $300)
  • Flexible terms of 6 or 12 months (discounted payment for annual upfront investment)
  • Customised membership appointments that work with your skin with upgrades available anytime
  • Discount for upfront payment
  • Friendly monthly payment plans

How does this skincare and love thy self membership work?

Every month, you’ll have dedicated time in the Perth Museo salon where we’re working with you to attain your skin and relaxation goals. We’ll decide together what these will be during your first monthly appointment but if you ever want to upgrade to add on services, we can easily do that for you month by month.

Example of Monthly Treatments (but all customisable to your skin needs)

What’s included

  • Skin analysis
  • Starter skin pack to ease you into your regimen girls we could include samples ? Maybe call it travel samples
  • A customised treatment plan
  • Weekly phone consultations so we can monitor your progress and you can ask questions
  • Education around products and ingredients
  • Tips and tricks to help your skin look and feel its best


Monthly Membership Treatment can include one of the below:

1 x Dermal Peel

1 x Microdermabrasion

1 x Mindfulness Spa Facial

1 x 60 mins Ritual Massage

1 x IPL Half Face Skin Rejuvenation Girls anything else to add ?


When you join the Museo Membership we’ll also gift you:

4 x Spa Blow Drys – Valued at $300

12 x Eye Treatments – Valued at $600

And the option to upgrade any of your services anytime – month by month with a 10% discount on day of treatment

Your Investment

$159 a month

// or //

$1800 for the year

to choose to put yourself first at least once every month

Don’t forget the nearly $1,000 of bonuses and the option to upgrade at any time!

Membership is open right now, you can choose to pay annually or simply pay for your first month here (LINK) and we’ll set you up with Direct Debit after your first appointment.

Relax. And let us spoil you.

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Can’t I just book a monthly appointment?

Of course you can! We’ve welcomed thousands of clients into Museo and everyone is different.

What we do know is you’re probably really busy. 2020 has probably left you feeling a little frazzled. And it’s time to take a moment and do something for yourself.

This is that chance.

If we can take just one decision away from your plate every month and it means you get an incredible experience in a place you love, plus you barely have to do anything to get it besides turn up, AND we’ll gift you with bonuses for doing so…

Well, it’s the simplest way we can think of to make your month a little bit more beautiful.

Book annually for a discount or monthly by direct debit.

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How well do you know your skin?

Well, you know what the epidermis is, and that we all have pores. But what else? How is collagen produced, why do some products cause irritation, can acne really be managed?

We've got the answers at Museo.

From your initial consultation until the day you achieve skin perfection (and beyond!) we will explain everything you need to know about your skin. What your individual needs are, why your skin reacts the way it does, what products and routines will serve you best, and the science behind all of it. Because it really is a science.


“I really appreciate the time you took to explain the best treatment and products for my skin. I am so happy with the results to date and looking forward to my next appointment.”


Meet Museo’s Co-Founder, Wendy Michetti

I’m Wendy Michetti, one half of the Museo founding team. My journey into alternate and relaxation therapies bloomed from experiencing illness in my early 20s, when I discovered being superhuman isn’t obtainable for a mere mortal (surprise, surprise!) This revelation led me into a personal health journey where I thankfully learnt the cut-off point for stretching myself too thin, and when to say enough is enough.

I discovered how necessary it is to go easy and ensure I didn’t forget to put myself first, which is true, for all of us. We all need to have our tank filled up with less work, less stress and more self-care.

Since that discovery, I embraced my work as an Aesthetician and Shiatsu Practitioner so that I could share this knowledge with others. And then it was time to grow.

Our purpose for the skin clinic, spa, and hair salon is to ensure you have that wonderful feeling of being ‘you’ – from having the hairstyle that expresses your personality, to a skin you feel confident in, to a body and mind that is relaxed, well, and feels loved-up.


My personal mission is to have every Museo client putting their best skin forward.

Whether you need a good refresh or something more corrective, we address each unique concern and then show you how to reach your skin goals without need for injectable intervention. Then, I ensure you’re introduced to the very best at-home routine for the health of your skin.

Experience in our hairdressing and beauty therapy crafts as well as family backgrounds in hospitality allowed us to build a place that not only addressed hair, skin, and beauty concerns but allowed guests to walk through the doors as the total focus.

Museo is a place for everyone to feel very pampered and relaxed.

A second home. No judgement. No to-do jobs. A place to revitalise you.

I’ve personally created this Membership specifically with our favourite clients in mind, because I know we’re all busy – and I know it’s time to gift yourself something essential and wonderful.

We’d love to have you in our Museo Membership, and it’s as easy as clicking the button below and signing up for your first month. We’ll sort out the rest after your first consult and appointment.

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We stand by our unending commitment to make Museo the place that keeps its promises.

We are all about:

Perceptive service – our mission is to understand you, which is why we ask you to fill in your personal consult and healthcare sheet upon arriving so your stylist and therapist can offer you the best services to treat you holistically.

We don’t care how you come dressed. Some guests arrive straight from work and others run out the house in their daggy house clothes. Please note we don’t care how you look when you arrive, we only care how you feel when you leave.

Walking through our doors is like finding an oasis – we are quick to make you comfy and find that perfect drink to take the edge off before your service even starts. Your comfort is our priority.

We offer a ‘pillow service‘ every time, which means we’ll prompt you to pick and choose exactly what extras you need for the day, so you walk out feeling incredible.

Got questions? Let us answer them for you

What happens if I miss a payment?

That’s OK, we’ll send you a notification your direct debit has had a little hiccup and as long as you catch up as soon as you can, we’ll keep your appointment for you. All appointments must be paid for in advance in the Membership.

Who is the membership suitable for?

This opportunity is for anyone truly wanting to make regular time for themselves, see an improvement in their skin, and generally feel good about themselves.

Can I get a discount if I pay upfront?

You sure can, your annual amount comes down to $1800 if you pay upfront. Here’s the link.

Do you have a payment plan?

We absolutely do – we want to make this as easy as possible for you, remember? It’s just $159 a month – pay for your first month upfront and we’ll sort out the Direct Debit for you after your first appointment for the rest of the year.

Can I swap out the bonuses?

No, we’ve carefully chosen these to be complementary to your skin appointment, so they’re not transferrable for cash, another service, or to a friend (but you’re more than welcome to buy a membership for a loved one!)

Can I gift a membership to a friend?

Only if you want them to love you forever! Of course!

What happens if my skin and health needs change?

No problem, that’s why we’ve kept this membership fully customisable – we’ll work with you and your skin throughout the year to give you the best skin and relaxing moments of your life!


$159 a month

to change the way you feel about yourself, your skin, and to honour yourself.