If you’re ready to experience real skin results, this month we’ve got a special for newcomers and our skin regulars.

WINTER KICK-STARTThe Winter Kickstart program runs over 6 weeks and is perfect for those who are ready to kickstart their skin goals. Shut the door on open pores, blemishes, uneven skin tone and time marching across your face.The perfect entry level spruce up for all skins. Perfect starter program for a teen experiencing problematic skin and for those lack-lustre skins needing a good strong exfoliation and skin clean up. Your peel will be customised  for sensitive skins needing rebalancing and strengthening as well as something stronger for the skins needing refining and oxygenation. 

1 x Skin Analysis

1 x Classic Microdermabrasion

1 x Entry-level Dermal Peel

1 x Power Peel Combo


ONLY $199


WINTER OVERHAULThe Winter Overhaul Program is a10 week program that is available for new guests and our skin regulars and has been created for those skins needing a longer program to address specific skin issues - uneven skin texture, pigmentation, dry and lackluster, aging and skins needing collagen stimulating activity. 

What is  mesotherapy and what are the benefits

 Mesotherapy – is one of our most popular treatments Our therapists are experts in  the technique of infusing active solutions into the skin to rejuvenate and enhance the skin but more importantly when teamed with a Dermapen skin needling treatment we can intensify the delivery of key ingredients bringing remarkable change in your skin.


At Museo we are extremely particular in the type of infusions we use and they are balanced molecular wise. Every skin needling treatment will involve our hylafuse complex and for the well-prepped skins on a solid home care routine we offer a combination of hylafuse and other beneficial ingredients targeting specific skin concerns and issues. We really rate this combination and encourage you to start having the skin treatments that give the best results. 

1 x Skin Analysis

1 x Skin Nutrition Consultation

1 x Classic Microdermabrasion

1 x Entry-level Dermal Peel

1 x Microdermabrasion + Peel Combo

1 x Dermapen Micro-needling Treatment with Mesotherapy Infusion

ONLY $100 deposit + $71.50 per week over 10 weeks

(or 10% off upfront – total payment $815 less discount = $733.50)



  • Our hylactive infusion contains the highest concentration of HylaFuse (Hyaluronic Acid) encapsulating bio-active ingredients of Zinc and Vitamin B5 to promote regeneration and repair for a younger hydrated-looking skin post needling.
  • For skins already prepped in Vitamins A, B and C we can offer more advanced mesotherapy solutions clearing blemishes and lightening pigment and for ageing and sun damaged skins an intense infusion of Vitamin A- a powerful combination of ingredients includes repair and rejuvenation properties and anti-aging anti-oxidants.
  • Any skin concern can be addressed

WINTER PEEL + HEALThe Winter Peel + Heal is our new UBER favorite skin treatment available only for those skins already in good health and prepped in Vitamin A, B’s and C’s and for those serious about maintaining a more youthful appearance and healthy skin. This very cool treatment has been designed for our clients who’ve been persistently working on their skin and having regular treatments. An amazing 3 step combination treatment addressing ageing symptoms of fine lines and wrinkles, acne and hyperpigmented conditions whilst also encouraging the skin through micro needling to produce more collagen for a plumper, youthful dewier look. This treatment can be done 4-6 weekly and is a results-driven clinic facial and can be a once off treatment or purchased as a series of 3. 

Regular treatments with Dermapen™ enable long-lasting correction and skin fortification. HylaFuse (one of our mesotherapy serum options when needling) infused with intensive vitamins (such as Vitamin A, B, C, E) antioxidants (such as Rooibos, Resveratrol) combined with collagen-stimulating power peptides (such as Copper Peptides) work to reverse, prevent and repair imbalanced production of collagen and elastin, pigmentation, scar management, problematic conditions and more. The skin is visibly smoother, re-texturised and plumped for long-lasting radiance. Micro-needling is widely popular and the only treatment around that instigates fibroblast cell activation. If you are not fully aware of the importance and how essential it is for new collagen formation within the skin read my blog here.


1 x Dermapen Micro-needling Treatment

+ Mesotherapy Infusion

+ finished with our newest UBER PEEL – exclusively designed to enhance micro needling procedures

ONLY $399 single treatment 


Buy 1 x Winter Peel + Heal offer and receive the second at 50% OFF!

Buy 2 x Winter Peel + Heal offers and receive the third free 



  • Creates micro-channels within the skin
  • Stimulates the body’s natural repair, renewal and healing process,
  • Releases growth factors to build new and increased collagen production
  • Leaving skin appearance visibly refined, resurfaced and rejuvenated
  • Results are cumulative

Terms & Conditions Apply. Only 1 option available per person. Available for purchase till August 31st. Must be paid upon booking or alternate direct debit payment plans can be arranged- except bonus offers must be paid upfront. Cannot be purchased with a gift voucher.