Why you should book consecutive skincare treatments for the best results.


Your skin goes through a lot. Whether it’s slathering makeup on and forgetting to take it off (we are all guilty here) or damage from the sun or a little too much wine on the weekends resulting in a dry mouth and dry skin the next day – we know your skin is suffering.

Luckily, in this day and age, we have the choice not to look like a leather handbag at age 40. You can completely take control of your skin care and make an incredible change in the quality of your skin – but nothing great is ever achieved overnight.

If you’re serious about making a change in your skin, you should be booking in for a series of treatments that combine multiple therapies to see real results. By having consecutive treatments, we are able to layer different treatment options and truly dig into the issues in your skin and take a calculated, strategic approach to solve them.

The same as you wouldn’t be able to lighten your hair in just one session, true change in your skin is achieved with time. Healing and skin repair between treatments means that after each treatment your skin is glowing, dewy and ready to face the world again. A single session is great for a pick-me-up but simply isn’t going to deliver the same significant or lasting change that having a series of treatments done will be.

People always rave about how amazing brides look on their wedding day, how they glow and look their most beautiful – often this is because, during the lead up to their wedding, women spend more time on their beauty treatments and routines than ever before. They book in for a number of beauty appointments to look their best, from facials and peels to microdermabrasion, IPL skin rejuvenation and Skin Needling, to ensure they have the best skin they can for their wedding day – and the results speak for themselves. So why don’t we apply this same thinking to our everyday skin? Why can’t every day be your best skin day?

Now is the time to dedicate to your skin – whether it’s ahead of your wedding, before your birthday or a special upcoming event. With cumulative treatments, you will see an incredible change in your skin and have the best skin of your life.

We know getting time away from your busy life for good skin is as rare as hen’s teeth – but dedication and commitment truly is the price of good skin. Book your appointments in advance, block the time out in your diary the minute you make your appointment and just remember that this is being done for your future self and future skin.