We spoke last time about the damaging effects that winter has on the body, and the face is absolutely no different. From dryness, redness and dehydrated skins for those of us working indoors in heating or outside in the cold – winter is harsh. And there is nowhere on the body you least want untameable skin than your face.

We have brought together our top tips for caring for your winter skin to ensure that you have a healthy glow, not a ruddy complexion, around the campfire this winter.


  1. Exfoliate

Remove dried skin cells and reveal your new beautiful skin with gentle exfoliation, specifically designed for the sensitive skin on your face. Whether you choose to go with a granular scrub with your facial or prefer to move towards an enzyme-based peel or microdermabrasion, the team at Museo Skin + Spa will tailor the level of exfoliation to your skin’s requirements.


  1. Steam

Rather than scalding your face with hot water in your shower, steam your way to beautiful skin! Steam opens up the pores in your face, allowing your skin to better absorb treatments, essential oils and moisturisers applied to your skin, allowing these treatments to penetrate deep into your skin, preparing you for better skin in the future. It is also the necessary step to prep the skin for extracting impurities and congestion, giving your skin a beautiful smooth, even finish.


  1. Treat

Whether it is with a mask, designed to tighten your pores and give deep moisturisation to your skin; or with essential oils, known for their restorative and regenerative properties – choosing a facial treatment is the next step in restoring your Winter skin.  For truly spectacular results, take your facial to the next level with our O Cosmedics Pro Dermal Peel Facial – completely customizable to include active ingredients perfect for your winter skin and with all the benefits of a dermal peel to achieve skin optimisation and truly target problem areas.


  1. Moisturise

A thick, rich moisturiser is the best way to ensure that your skin is protected from the elements and that all the treatments you have put into your skin will stay there. Moisturise day and night to see the best benefits and help plump your skin and give you that beautiful, fresh rosy glow that we are all looking for at this time of year. Choose a high-quality moisturiser enriched with extracts to truly conquer your Winter skin woes.


Museo Skin + Spa want you to truly love your Winter skin and have a range of facials designed to give you your most beautiful skin this season. From our Clinical Facials to any of our Pro Dermal Peel Facials, we can help combat whatever winter skin concerns you are facing, from dryness and tightness to sun damage and ageing. Read more about the facial treatments available to you on our website or book in for a relaxing and restorative treatment with Museo Skin + Spa online today. Check out latest seasonal offers here