Wellness is one of those terms that is thrown around a lot on Instagram and YouTube a lot, but there is plenty we can all take away from this latest trend. The term wellness is causing us all to take a look at our lives, all of our lives, and work out what it is that is serving us, adding value and what we can do to do right by ourselves.


At Museo, we wholeheartedly believe that in order to make any change, there needs to be activities conducted at multiple levels of the body. If you’re trying to make serious change in your skin, then it’s important to think about not only what is happening on the surface of the skin, but also what food you’re eating, what your stress levels are like, how hydrated you are and what behaviours you need to change or modify. All of these different factors are going to contribute to the long term goal of having better skin.


The same is true if you’re wanting to improve your hair or grow it longer. What foods are you eating that will help you to build strong hair, what treatments are you doing on your hair to encourage better growth or better quality hair, what are your stress levels like and can you stop heat-treating your hair as regularly to help your hair recover.


At Museo, we want to encourage true wellness in our clients to ensure you reach your long and short term goals. We encourage many of our clients to add some form of supplement to their diet, alongside beautiful nourishing food, or replace caffeine with a cup of the beautiful Miss Vitality Clean Tea. We want to encourage you to create habit change, whether that’s taking a day off social media to de-compress after the work week or put in place better skincare routines that will help treat your skin from the epidermis level. Any of our skin specialists or hair stylists can recommend all sorts of ways for you to look after yourself and take a wholistic look at your health to help you craft the kinds of results that you want to see in your skin, body or hair.


That’s truly the difference you get when you come to Museo. We want to get to know and look after your whole self, not just the surface level. That’s why we are able to achieve amazing hair and skin results for our clients, and it’s why you will hear us talking more and more about wholistic treatments and ways to treat yourself well. Because we all want to be well, from the inside out and the outside in, and Museo wants to be part of that journey with you.


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